Fun with Conversation Hearts {Unit and Freebie}

A few years ago, I created this fun unit to use for a themed day on Valentine's Day.  This past week, I started prepping the file for my maternity sub.  I just love the unit.  It has activities for each content area and the kids love the hands on activities.

This year Target is selling this cute set of heart books in a package of 8 books for $3.  I picked up a couple to glue in the heart shaped unit. The book is a little smaller than the ones last year so I adjusted my print settings.  You can print at full size and it will be okay.  The example shown has been printed at a shrink setting of 85%.

To ensure my sub knows how to complete the activities, I completed a book myself for an example.  Here's the preview images...

If you're interested in the unit for $2, click the cover graphic below.  You will need a little time to prep.  I will say, you can simple print and staple.  It doesn't have to be cut and glued in the books but my kiddos love making them each year.

I also have an excellent book companion for the story, Somebody Loves You Mr. Hatch that I love using with my kiddos each year. Discounted 50% off through Feb 1st, 2020.

And, if you're looking for a cute freebie, I have one that aligns with the story When an Elephant Falls in Love. However, you don't need the book to complete this reproducible activity.

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