100th Day of Fun

This Wednesday is our 100th Day of School.  I'm thrilled for the kids but sad for myself.  I love all the themed activities you can do with the kiddos and dressing up with them just makes me giggle. 

This year I'm on maternity but my sub is planning to dress up with the kids.  I can't wait to see pictures of their little outfits. 

Keeping with our normal schedule, I modified the activities to fit the allotted time. I've planned a full themed day with most activities as previously paid units and freebies I've acquired from TpT over the past 11 years.  I will link all pictures to their owner so you can check them out. Some are paid and others are freebies.

8:30-8:45 My kiddos enter the room and begin working on their morning work each day.  Our activity for the day will be a 100th Day ABC Order.

Paid Unit

8:45-9:15 Our entire team switches kids based on their direct level of instruction to work within the SIPPs program.  Since this is an intervention based measure, we won't complete 100 day activities during this time.

9:15-9:45 Our iReady lab time is required by the school/district.  This is also an intervention based measure so we won't complete 100 day activities at this time.

9:45-10:15 For our reading block, we will be working with the story 100th Day Worries.  To follow up, we will complete this response.

Paid Unit

10:15-10:45 At this time each day, we go to centers.  I won't change this block due to our title one teachers who service for intervention reading groups.  We will proceed with our normal rotation of centers and guided reading.

10:48-11:18 Lunch

11:20-12:00 Students will complete 100 Day Math Center Rotations.  During this time, they will begin with a specific activity and move a different center as it comes available. 

 Free Unit

 Free Unit

Paid Unit 

Free Unit


Free Download

For early finishers, students will work on their math scrolls. I started our annual math club, math scrolls a few weeks ago.  The kids are scrolling to a 1000, one hundred at a time.  A 100 chart is stapled to a paper towel roll.  The kids will complete the corresponding numbers written at the top (ex 1-100, 101-200, etc). Once they complete 100, they turn in the scroll.  If the numbers are written correctly (not inverted or backwards), they will receive a new 100 the following day to complete.  If they are incorrect, I will record their mistake and the kids will redo the 100 the following day.  Each correctly completed chart will get their popsicle stick moved to the next 100 pouch.

Free Download

12:00-12:30 Recess
12:30-1:00 Specials

1:00-1:30 Students will complete two different writing and illustrating activities.  I always get a giggle out of what they come up with.

Paid Unit 

This file was free when I downloaded but not now.  Sorry!
I linked a similar file for free.

1:30-2:00 Each day my kiddos complete a rotation of phonics centers.  I won't cancel this block of time because it aligns with their spelling and sight words for the week.

2:00-2:15 Planners

2:15-2:45 Students will read the current Scholastic Magazine with content on the 100th Day.  They will also be provided a 100 Day booklet to complete while preparing for dismissal.

Free Unit

2:45 Dismissal

The kiddos will love the activities and a break from our regular lessons for the week.  I hope you find a resource you might like.  As stated earlier, this is a collection of activities I've acquired over 11 years being on TpT.  I didn't go out and buy and download them all at once.  There are many creative resources available but I didn't wanted to overwhelm my maternity sub with resources that involved a lot of prep for the entire day.  Happy Teaching Friends!

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