Cherry Blossoms (Kindness, Friendship, and the National Mall}

Captivate students with holiday themed fun while meeting learning standards! This 237 page packet is packed full of excitement.

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What's included...

Included is a heavy dose of vocabulary to assist language learners with words such as Japan, Potomac River, Helen Taft, Steamship, Friendship, Tidal Basin, Stone Lantern, Japanese Pagoda, Jefferson Memorial, Thomas Jefferson, National Mall, US Capitol Building, Lincoln Memorial, Abraham Lincoln, Washington Monument, George Washington, Smithsonian Castle, Smithsonian Carousel, Eagle, White House, Dormant, Bud, Florets, Bud Swell, Peduncle Elongated, Flower, Bloom, Cherry Blossom Tree.

The vocabulary aligns with each chapter of the developing reader. I wrote the reader as a mini chapter book. Chapters are introduced on different days. Chapter 1: The Gift of Friendship; Chapter 2: The Tidal Basin; Chapter 3: The National Mall; Chapter 4: The Cherry Blossom Tree.  Save ink!  You can display this file on the white board. A blackline is included for independent student practice.

Excite students about the PEAK BLOOM watch. Create a chart sharing the stages of bud development.  Students can discuss findings, share timelines, or simply reflect upon the changes.

I use several books to accompany my unit. They're shared in the second image. To ensure comprehension, I prepared response pages for the different stories.

Corkey Hay DeSimone has a story, Cherry Blossom Friends.  The book is presented with the animals that live, feed, and play among the Cherry Blossom Friends.  Included in my pack are sequencing and retelling props.

Haiku is a traditional form of Japanese Poetry. Provided are planning and writing pages for each animal of Cherry Blossom Friends.

Inspire students with a fun art project to display their Haiku poem.

This resource is a fun way to celebrate President's Day, National Kindness Day and Spring Cherry Blossoms with one magical unit.

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