Today was fun!  I spent a ton on clipart for Space and Technology Science Interactive Notebook.  I'm thrilled about the organization in my student journals!  This week my skills progression as led my group to Adjectives.  With one of my new purchases, I was able to create a fun freebie.  Link in first graphic!
 We will begin our lesson identifying different ways to use adjectives!  A great way to start the lesson is an interactive song about adjectives!  Link here.

I will share the above poster and read the list of describing words.  When needed, I will explain any unfamiliar vocabulary.  Students will then determine the person who'd wear the pair of shoes.  Also available are ballet shoes, and cowboy boots.

After students color their shoes, partners will work collaboratively to record 4 describing words to make their writing "sparkle".  Independently, students will create a sentence using new "sparkle" words.

The following day, I will use this song to review adjectives. My kids get really excited about music {especially the tunes that sound as though they belong on the radio).  Following the song, I will repeat the steps from the previous day with Whose Feet?  Animal feet represented include alligator, giraffe, and ape.

On the third day of instruction, we will focus on feeling and behaviors.  I will begin the lesson with this song from KidsTV123 (one of my favorite youtube channels).  Repeat instruction steps as previous days. 

Included are three boy and girl options.  To ensure each child's needs are met, I provided a blank doodle kid so that they can illustrate their own hair.  Students will create an expression and describe their feelings or behavior.  If you love the clipart, link through store buttons below.