Do You SpellingCity?

I've been working with SpellingCity for a month now and just HEART all it has to offer!!!  I created a Smilebox of how I've used the program in my class.  We have a daily 15 minute transition between our literacy block and lunch. We must squeeze every minute that we can these days.  Teachers, you know what I'm talking about!  The kids are truly excited and cheer when I pull up SpellingCity!

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The Planet Hue

I want to let you know about an adorable adventure called The Planet Hue.  This book will take students on a magical journey through a world that transforms from a dull and drab planet to a colorful vibrant place to live!

Corkey Hay DeSimone, author of Cherry Blossom Friends, has a unique perspective in celebrating diversity while using three primary colors to help teach the message.

Included in the unit:

Book Introduction pg 1
Vocabulary pgs 3-15
Think Maps pgs 16-17
Solar System pg 18
Planet Classification pgs 19-20
Planet Flashcards/Basic Facts pgs 21-22
Solar System Craft/Model pgs 23-26
Celebrating Diversity pgs 27-28
Color Wheel pgs 29-33
Complimentary Color Art pgs 34-36
Ordering Hues Center(ABC order) pgs 37-40
Rhyming Center (using book vocabulary) pgs 41-48
Out of this World Center (Time) pgs 49-58
(Time to the Hour-K/1 Time to Quarter Hour-1/2)
Planet 8 Center (Number Stings) pgs 59-77
(Match to Correct Sum-K/1)
(Match to Related Multiplication Fact- 2nd)
Planet Hue's Candy Castle (Fractions)pgs 78-90
Acknowledgments pg 91

Click image to link to the store.  Download your freebie preview.

Word Walls and Guest Columnist

As you are aware, I'm a monthly guest columnist for Really Good Stuff?  I just received word that my article on interactive math word walls was published.  A sweet follower asked that I follow up with pictures of my wall and file folders.  

First, click here to read the article!

For many of our math words, I have the kids assist in developing the cards that are placed on our interactive word wall.  This allows for more engagement during the mini lesson.  Here are a few images of this process in action...

Students help represent words on the visual projector.

My students take ownership of the words!

Pictured above are a few of our current words.

After the words are created, they are glued to the file folders and hung by clips on the wall.  When introducing the essential question, I have a volunteer pull down our current words to bring in our meeting area.  This allows for the words to be displayed at their eye level.  This also helps the kids understand where to find the words in the classroom.  Older words are moved to heights that big kids like me can hardly reach!  =)  Once the unit is complete, the words are moved to a filing bin for kids to reference throughout the year but may not be in current play!

For more complex representations, I use curriculum resources.

A few of the words in the two above pictures are featured in a previous post.  Here is a link to this post with words made available by SW Georgia Schools! 

The article features a game called What's My Name?  This interactive approach can be used with a fun piece of technology.  I found this personal marquee online...

Spaghetti in a Hot Dog Bun Unit

Click image to link to TpT store!

I've completed my second unit for Maria Dismondy!  I just love her books!  Here is a preview of the book...

If you are interested in her book, you can purchase it here When ever you purchase Maria's books from her website, you'll receive an autographed copy!  =)  Check out the FREE 29 page Spaghetti Readers Guide!!! 

Thank you for being a loyal follower.  If you are interested in this unit, I'm going to giveaway two copies.  As a bonus, I'm throwing in my Pink Tiara Cookies for Three Unit.  

All you need to do to enter is create a comment on how you've had to be courageous!  I will announce the winner on Monday.

Classroom Makeover: Seuss Style

The kids are going to flip out.  I transformed my room into Seussville.  Whatcha Think???

Check out Elisabeth's patterns here.