Father's Love {Freebies}

Hi primary peeps. I'm aware many of you are probably enjoying your summer. For some like me, you are so very close to a long break. In fact, I have two days left of this school, so I'm keeping this post short and sweet. This tired teacher is squeezing in one last activity before the kids are out, and the file is FREE for you!

The coupons are a duplicate of the Mother's Day coupons.  I changed out the cover and Mom's Big Helper to Dad's Big Helper.

Printing on colorful cardstock helps keep this card standing on it's own.  I shrank the writing template to fit inside the card.
Not interested in using cardstock?  I created a card on white copy paper with a color and blackline image of a tie.  Print to meet your own classroom needs!

Prefer a full page for writing practice?  This format is available too.  It's perfect for any occasion since it's not Father's Day specific.


Click the image above will take you to the free download. Hope you enjoy the resource. Have a fantastic summer!

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