Back to School Bash {Giveaway Hop}

It's time for the annual Back to School Bash!  Each blog will be hosting their own giveaway for $100 dollars worth of goodies. This year we have teamed up with even more bloggers to bring prizes-a-plenty to you.  

I'm super excited to feature Jose Cortez from Classroomtopia and Berteau & Co. Jose is a second year, 4th grade teacher with a Masters in Education from the University of North Texas. As a graphic artists, Jose has been able to merge his two passions to produce a stylish all-in-one organizer.

I've used an Erin Condren for several years and love it too. However, I want to share my reflections on this little gem. For many, the size and cost of the EC planner has them looking for alternatives, so I decided to take an opportunity to feature a review with my giveaway post.

Jose offers four different designs. I provided an image at the end of this post so that you can see the mint, pink, navy, and stripe. This planner is an elementary school teacher's organizational companion for the entire school year.  

The corner details make the Classroom Planner feel perfectly glam. The gold accents complement the foil apples on the planner cover for an eye catching, posh look.

The rainbow design, inside both the the front and back covers, elicits excitement. The fact that it has pockets makes me as giddy as a school girl.


The laminated planner tabs will make navigating through each section a breeze. I'm truly smitten with the color combination.

What sets this planner apart from most on the market is the student and teacher sections. Although the competitors offer some of the organizational pages, it's the attention to a teacher's need that is met with this planner.  

Although it's aesthetics, I adore the simplistic doodles found in the header and/or footer throughout each page. If you recall, Jose's background also includes graphic design.   

The safety procedures happens to be a page you won't find in many planners. It's essential to have a plan prepared. Once written, this page can be photocopied for a substitute binder.

I've owned several different planners with no mention of a specials schedule. I can see this page being useful for some and not others based on a rotation schedule. One thing to keep in mind, Jose has outstanding customer support. The planners are not customizable at this point in time, but I'm certain if suggestions were made, Jose would take them in consideration for his 2017-2018 planner.

Okay friends, I've NEVER seen the early release schedule provided in a planner. He has thought out the small details of our year. It's simply above and beyond!

The following pages are also those I've never seen included in a teacher planner and key for many. As a primary teacher, I find there are many things students aren't capable of doing independently. Having a collection of contacts to help prep materials is key to having a successful year. Let's face it, we cannot do it all ourselves.  

The FAV Substitutes page is brilliant. In my school, we are often given a business card and a daily write up with the substitute's contact information. I have a spot to store the cards but without fail, I'm in need of a sub when I'm not in my classroom where I can easily access the information.  

A standard page for many planners includes a student roster. What sets this page apart is the addition of the ID number. We provide each child with an ID card at our school but littles have an uncanny ability to bite, bend, break, and lose their badges in a blink. Having the ID number on hand and easily accessible makes preparing the replacement super simple.  

The following is a standard page in most planners but the header created in a marquee font is on point. The attention to details makes my heart flutter. 

The transportation log is unique to a teacher planner. Having this printable to copy and add to a substitute binder will make dismissal a breeze. Don't get me wrong, instruction is important, but when subs are in my classroom, the two important moments of the day are to feed my kids and get them home safely.  

The Allergy/Medical Needs page is one that is often overlooked in a competitor's planner. Hopefully, you leave this information for a substitute. Besides being a reference for you at the start of the year, this page can be photocopied and set inside a substitute binder to ensure your student's safety during your absence.  

Student Information is another standard page for most planners. We keep student information cards on hand in each classroom, but I see the value in having access to the information once I leave school grounds. 

The next few pages are my absolute favorite! Although one sample is shown, you will receive additional copies of the log and conference forms to get you through 180 contract days.  

You'll receive multiple copies of the student checklist. These pages can be used for grades, field trips, scholastic orders, celebrations, etc. At present, Jose only provides the planner for teachers with classes of 25 or less. As his business grows, he plans to create additional planners for larger class sizes or even those that teach multiple classes.

With a mandatory PLC each week, I find the following pages very useful. I can provide a snapshot of our learning gains and challenges with the Assessment Data. This glimpse can help quickly identify our high flyers or sweet and lows during our discussions.

The following pages will repeat each month. You will be provided a note taking page, to do checklist page, and two page calendar. Each month is exactly the same except the design! I don't plan to give you commentary between August and July.  I want you to take in the beauty of Jose's designs. 

The final tabbed section in the planner includes your lesson planning pages. For people with extensive planning, these pages will serve as a snapshot of your week. I use these pages as a reference for materials and the standards. In the top left corner, you have an apple to record the week in school. Along the right side of the days of the week, you have a spot to record the date. At the top of the planning pages, you're provided a subject line and below a standard/objective line. Jose added 40 copies to get you through the year.

To conclude, you are provided an acknowledgement and thank you page prior to the final pocket in the planner!

To review, this planner is not currently customizable. Jose does provided an editable teacher planner but it's a digital file. As his business grows, Jose will provide more options. If you're dying for this planner and cannot wait for a giveaway announcement, Jose has provided my followers with a promo code for $10 off.  Use BTS10PG at checkout!

Product Details
Approximately 9.5 x 8.5
Color Throughout
Hard Cover
Gold Foil Accents
Gold Metal Corners
Laminated Tabs
100 GSM Paper
Flat Lay Design
2 Pockets

Pages Inside
Personal Information
Daily Class Schedule
Important Dates
School Directory
Safety Procedures
Specials Schedule
Early Release Schedule
Classroom Volunteers
Field Trip Information
Favorite Substitutes

Student Tab
25 Student Roster
2 page Birthdays
Allergy/Medical Needs
2 Page Seating Chart
7 Page Student Information

Parent Tab
2 Page Conference Schedule
 9 Pages Parent/Teacher Conference Log

Checklist Tab
Six 2 Page Student Checklists
3 Pages Assessment Data

Calendar Tab
Each month has;
Cover Page
Note Page

Lesson Tab
40 2 Page Lesson Plan
Includes spots for; 
Weekly Number
Available for 7 Subjects

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