Rate Your Writing {Year-Round Visual Rubric}

I'm writing today about a new product!  Over the past month,  I've had several request for the Rate Your Writing Rubric pictured in my back to school reveal of my classroom. 

I cannot express how much the writing has changed in my classroom this year.  My students are actively rating their work and trying to improve as expectations changed over the past three months.  After waiting for new clipart releases, I finally completed the file! 

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Encourage young writers to incorporate more in their work with Rate Your Writing, a developing visual rubric. This file encourages young writers to meet changing expectations each month. Although the pocket chart display is pleasing, it's not necessary!  You can simply staple to a bulletin board.  However, if you are interested, you can purchase at Target for $9.99.

This file was created with monthly themed images. Every other month, additional lines are provided and the illustration space is minimized. To ensure continuity, you'll find reproducible writing paper for students to craft their own stories with the same formatting as the rubric paper. At the top of the reproducible paper are four stars for students to rate their writing.
This visual rubric is provided in two formats. One format has primary lines perfect for Kindergarten and 1st Grade classrooms. The second format has regular lined paper with small spacing perfect for 1st and 2nd Grade classrooms. I reduced the price to ensure you are paying for one format!

The monthly rubric is NOT editable. This file is intended as an instructional component. Crafting the rubric in a shared writing will maximize the effectiveness of the rubric and ensure students understand your expectations. I did provide an EDITABLE poster to post near the rubric sharing the expectations.
 You'll find a checklist poster and student reproducible for keeping kids on track with their writing.  To ensure you have all that you need, I also provided the images from the check list in a separate page so that you can glue and create a large classroom chart!
Monthly Themes included
August {Back to School}
September {Apple Orchard}
October {Spooky Pumpkin Patch}
November {Fall Leaves}
December {Christmas}
January {Sledding Snowmen}
February {Recipe with Love}
March {Lucky Leprechaun}
April {Pond Life / Frogs}
May {Lemonade Stand}
June {Luau}
July {Beach}

Provided in my samples are how to use the images for different genres!  I sure hope you love this file as much as I do!

Room on the Broom {Book Companion}

Shrieks and shrills cause big ole' chills.  As I set the stage for an engaging week, I can't help but feel a bit giddy!  This season provides many opportunities to learn new content with tons of fun!  As I work today to hang my spiders and webs, spray bats with glow in the dark paint, prepare a cauldron with spooktacular incentives, and prep my learning week, I envision the excitement the kids will feel as they step inside our nocturnal headquarters.
 Link in the image above!

I plan to begin Monday introducing story vocabulary.  As we read, I will stop and share vocabulary posters.   I've seen more engagement from my language learners when having the visual on hand while reading. The follow up will include my interactive story words in which we'll color and define.

We have a shortened week with a half day Thursday and planning day on Friday.  The condensed learning time has my creative juices flowing.  I plan to revisit an old Making Meaning story, Where I Live, for social studies while instructing Room on the Broom during reading and skills. 
My plans are to have a simple read as we follow up by sequencing the story.  With a heavy focus on vocabulary earlier, I want to simplify and engage with a simple retelling and sequencing activity.


One obvious skill in this book would be rhyming words.  I will begin my skills lesson defining rhymes and guiding students with a practice of recording a rhyme under the four displayed pictures.  Once completed, students will use white boards to record rhyming words as I reread the text with fluency.  Once I finish reading, teams to work together to come up with two rhyming words from the story.  For an independent activity, they'll be asked to complete the student side of the interactive page.
By Tuesday we should have enough background to begin practicing previously taught strategies.  At this point, we will read for understanding and work on problem/solution. 

While working with the above vocabulary, you'll notice many verbs.  With spatting cats, bounding dogs, croaking frogs, kids will dive deeper into vocabulary instruction  as they work to identify the verbs! {Preview Above}
Wednesday will be our first interaction with cause and effect using t-charts.  Students should be familiar with the text, it's sequence, and the rich vocabulary, allowing time to look closely at the characters and their interactions. 
Since Thursday is a shorten day, I plan to bewitch them with a fun craftivity as we identify character traits for both the witch and the dragon.  We will follow up with a Venn Diagram, comparing and contrasting the traits.

At the conclusion of this week, I will provide my kids an emergent reader: Little Witch, Little Witch What Do You See?  My kids are gaining much confidence reading these repetitious readers.

I prepared a rhyming freebie for kids.

 Link in Image Above

This book is still available in the September Firefly Scholastic Book Order for only $3.  You can purchase the book at Target, Walmart, and Michaels for $5.  The movie is available at Target for $9. 

I sure hope you have a bewitchingly fabulous week! 
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