An Inch Deep and Mile Wide Just Wont Do

My second article, An Inch Deep and Mile Wide Just Won't Do, was published with Really Good Stuff.  This article explains the importance of vocabulary instruction.  

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This month, I'm working on Vocabulary with the book: A Boy Who Loved Words.  Although a bit challenging, the story was a fantastic read.  I love watching the kids use STRONG descriptive words in their writing.  A kindergartener told me they were voracious as he walked in line to the lunch room.  ADORABLE!!!

Each of the kids in our school were given a word book to jot down (vocab from BOM) and develop their favorite vocabulary words.  I created vocabulary cards using words from the The Boy Who Loved Words.  As I introduced each word during the read aloud, the kids searched through their bags to find the word and glue them into their word books.  It took nearly three days to complete the story.  After a week break, we revisited the the book of the month today. I read through, stopping at each of the vocabulary words.  The kids called out the correct word  as I paused.  They can read the vocabulary word in isolation.  I now know they understand the meaning in the text.  I asked for the meaning or a synonym for each of the vocabulary words.  Without hesitation, the kids were able to answer.  My heart is aflutter with excitement!

After our lesson, I had the kids look determine what they loved the most.  They looked up the definition in the dictionary and leaned how to use the thesaurus. We described what we loved with great vocabulary.

I've included the vocabulary picture cards and link a few great lesson ideas #1    #2    #3 for  The Boy Who Loved Words by Roni Schotter.
The Boy Who Loved Words Vocabulary

Rockin with Doubles

Its the Doubles, Baby! Nearly a year ago {2010}, Heidi Samuelson from Swamp Frog First Graders posted a video tutorial about how to create an iPod case from an envelope for flashcards. You can link here to see her post.  I love the idea but wanted to add a doubles chant for our doubles flashcards.

If time permits, the kids can decorate their own pod design.

I'm including a copy of my flashcards and the double chant.

Doubles Rap Saoud

Today we listen to Harry Kindergarten's doubles video.  We had it on repeat during the iPod assembly.

This year {updated 2012}, I gave each child a menu button...

Ghost, Oh My!

My husband and I have enjoyed a bit of holiday festivities today.  We went to our town fall festival.  I enjoyed chocolate fudge and snow cones.  The smell of funnel cakes was difficult to avoid but I persevered!  Free concerts, face painting, craft booths, bounce houses, and lots of straw.  Fun stuff.  When we arrived home, we raced the darkness to hang our spider, put out our pumpkins, and light up our pinterest inspired ghost.  I hope you are enjoying a spooktacular day too!

Yum! Candy Corn Fact Families

I created the document in both color and grayscale. You are welcome to download for free in my store.  Link here!