Elmer {Low Prep Resources}

Goodness, being out of the classroom can be extremely stressful. I prepped some lessons to help ease the transition. It took moments to print and cut the chart art and scrabble tiles. I needed a few additional minutes to write notes for each content area. I'm fairly certain I spent more time looking for the book which was in a secret stash for this day. My only problem with secret stashes, I can never find them.   

This file was created with a themed day of activities that revolves around the story, Elmer. The resources are perfect for your own lessons or for an unexpected absence. A quick narrative will be needed if you're leaving these activities for a sub. The resources are easy to print and prep. I provided a preview of all contents of this file. {{Note}} This file does not include scripted lesson plans. It's the resources for the lesson and include: predicting, cause/effect, adjectives, character traits, and adding number strings.

After quickly prepping the file, I drove up to school, glued the color graphics to chart paper, placed the color cards and scrabble images in a pocket chart, and laid the plans on my desk. I'm always so jealous at the activities a sub gets to do in my class.  

Here's a glimpse at what's include in the my low prep resources for Elmer.  As you can see from the preview image on my plans, I use the preview pages to write notes about the specific lesson to my sub.  

I sure hope you love what you see. I have additional themed resources for A Case of the Stripes. If you're interested in this set of activites that compliments the Elmer resources, click the image below.

Otherwise, I embedded a link in the cover graphic and previews for the resources to go with...

Image Map


Unknown said...

This looks like a great unit of work!

Elmer is such a fun book for the children to work with.

Love your resources :)

Mrs. Saoud said...

Thank you Ginger Teacher! Your comments always make me smile! :) Thank you, Becca!