Earth Science Interactive Journal {K-2}

Are you science notebooking?  It's a district requirement in which inspired me to make the collection of interactive science notebooks. We began our lessons with the understanding science by building schema on scientist, senses, observations, and the scientific method.  This portion of the unit is available as a freebie sample of my notebooks.  You can access the freebie here. I will include this portion in each notebook {Life Science, Earth Science available now AND Physical Science and Space Science available soon}.  This portion also provides the background, journal cover, and table of contents.

Yesterday I finally loaded my second journal for Earth Science...
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If you missed my first post for the Life Science Interactive Journal {K-2}, you can link here to see all the images. 


Unknown said...

These look great Cheryl!!
Science for Kids Blog

Mr. First Grade said...

This looks AWESOME! Our district uses FOSS kits, and I've been struggling to make it exciting for my kids... I love the idea of using a notebook to make it meaningful! Thanks for sharing!!

Mr. First Grade

Unknown said...


Unknown said...

These are great!
Dirt Road Teacher

Unknown said...

Seriously amazing my friend!! I'm so excited to add these to the mix this year!

❤ -Stephanie
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The Science School Yard said...

I teach over 385 students at my school SCIENCE:) I am always looking for ways to add interactive notebook ideas! This is awesome. I also have FOSS as our curriculum. So, these ideas just fit perfect. Thanks so much for posting.

Renee at the Science School Yard

Unknown said...

I'm having trouble figuring out what it means by teacher side and student side.