Smartboard Games from Lakeshore Learning

I'm over-the-moon to have the opportunity to share a few products from Lakeshore Learning.  Each of the products are for the Interactive Smartboard. 

Life has changed in Room 113.  My kids are working independently on various skills: Phonemic Awareness, Phonics, Calendar, etc.  With the new evaluations in place, teachers are working in overdrive to improve student scores, increase student accountability, and monitor a student led classroom.  

Over the past month, I've been evaluated through a district classroom walk-through and information observation.  My principal was overjoyed with student interest and ability to manage the Smartboard without the assistance of myself.  Yes, I've been able to manage small group instruction since September in Kindergarten. Thank You Lakeshore Learning!  With high interest, the kids are eager to practice daily skills with our new games.

Up first...

Alphabet Fun

This game has been used with my lower quartile through tutoring and RtI.  Students match letter and picture tiles to the corresponding alphabet letter which is randomly selected by the alphabet machine. This daily practice includes over 100 tiles for kids to manipulate.  You'll love the printable assessments to track student progress!!! 

Here are a few additional images!

 Phonics Fun

I love that our daily practice for my low quartile has shifted from alphabet recognition to beginning sounds.  With the same game on-hand, my babies were able to transition into the new game without a hitch.  They giggle every time the robot cheers them on when the correct image is matched to the letter tile.  Wrong answers are crushed and disappear.  As with the first game, there are over 100 picture tiles to sort for independent practice and monitoring sheets for accountability.

Here are a few additional images!

I'm not finished yet...

 Phonemic Awareness

The majority of my class is working on Beginning Sounds and Rhyming games.  I cannot get over the giggles when the kiddos hear the sound effects from the dog!  These effects are in place as a correcting process and provides continued independent practice during work stations.  I'm eager to transition into syllables as I feel the practice is appropriate on individual needs.  As with each of the games provided by Lakeshore Learning, progress monitoring sheets are available to print.
Here are a few additional images!

AND pictures taken during my informal observation!!


Interactive Calendar Math

This product is NUMERAL UNO in my book! It's marketed for 1st-2nd grades.  As you can imagine, the concepts are a bit challenging for most kinders.  I'm grateful for the product because I have gifted students that need the challenge to ensure interest levels are peeked!!  As a looping teacher, I'll be able to use this software for years to come.  That makes me a happy girl.

Here are a few skills targeted:
• Calendar concepts
• Operations
• Number patterns
• Number sentences
• Problem solving
• Money combinations
• Algebraic thinking
• Mental math 
If you are interested in any of the games, I directly linked each titled graphic to the products above.  I'm am pleasantly surprised by the gains my kids are making and eager to pick up additional games as we move through the standards this year!  
Thanks again Lakeshore Learning! 


Unknown said...

Oh if only I had one of those fabulous smart boards! I will definitely be visiting this particular post again when my new school is built and I get all that fantastic technology!

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{By the way I'm having an awesome giveaway this week, check it out!}

Kreative in Kinder said...

I love these Cheryl! Thanks for sharing. Our principal asked us Friday for a wish list of items we want for classroom and this would be perfect!
<>< Crystal

Tanya Solano said...

Life in Room 5 has changed too, due to these fantastic products. Our principal splurged and purchased EVERY.SINGLE.PROGRAM. for pre-k, kinder, and 1st. I was worried at first about the volume and all but I only have two in a center at once so it really isn't bad. Thanks for sharing! Do you have the new dual touch board? We are a first generation school, so of course the technology has already changed in the 4 years since we've had ours.
Ms. Solano's Kindergarten

luvzenkms2(Leea) said...

Thanks for the review. I am doing a donors choose asking for a bunch of these, its always good to hear how they are from other users!

Tanya Solano said...

I just spend a great portion of my fall break Tuesday in our local Lakeshore...good news, these programs are buy on get on 50% off right now.
Ms. Solano's Kindergarten