iTune Out Drugs: Red Ribbon Week

OMGoodness, y'all!  I set out a thirty minute lesson that turned into one of the most meaningful afternoon!  My group of little ones walk around with inquiring minds.  I began my day introducing Red Ribbon Week.  The kids were so excited to "Use their heads and sock it to drugs"!  With wild and crazy hair styles and knee high mismatched socks, my were ready to tackle conversations about "misuse"!

I used several Brainpopjr videos to spearhead discussions and peek curiosity for a webquest.  I ordered a single computer subscription to Brainpopjr several years ago.  I spend 8 dollars a month and use my work laptop.  I can search/plan at home before sharing with the kids through a projection.  Money well spent!  

The first topic tackled dealt with the effects of prescription and over-the-counter meds on the body.  I was certain the kids were not prepared to understand the reactions that can come from taking pills that aren't prescribed by a doctor.  Not the case, my students embraced the importance of knowing the size of the dose, how long to take the medicine, and with what a pill should be consumed (food, milk, water, etc) to keep their little bodies from getting sick.  

My darlings were surprised by the difficultly in determining the difference between candy and medicine.  I scooped up a lesson by my sweet friends, Nicole and Melissa from Lesson Plan SOS (in which I had dinner with on Saturday night in Chicago).  Oh.My!  What darlings.  These ladies have a great lesson on this subject and follow up sheets to assist with instruction.  Link {here}!  

Nicole (left in black) and Melissa (right in pink and black)

I didn't expect much more out of my little sweets but the kids begged to continue.  Our discussions about smoking were just as meaningful.  We talked about the marketing of cigarettes when their parents were kids and how it was glorified in movies and on TV.  The discussion quickly turned to the harmful effects and preventative measures from exposure to second hand smoke.  One of my lil ones says, "I can asked my dad to go to the park with me and maybe he will decide to tune out drugs without me telling him to quit".  YES, YES, YES!  What a brilliant idea!!!

So to conclude, we complete iPods and wrote about ways we'll tune out drugs!  Don't you just love!?!


If you are interested, you can scoop up the craftivity {here}.

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Lanier's Lions said...

Wow, your "iTune Out Drugs" activity turned out super cute!!!

Lanier's Kindergarten Lions

luvzenkms2(Leea) said...

Hope IL treated you well :) It monsooned today in Central IL!

Lory said...

Such a cute idea... I'll put it away for next year. Looks like fun in Chicago!!

Traci Clausen said...

Very cute idea!
❤Dragonflies in First ❤

The Colorful Apple said...

We are "socking it to drugs" tomorrow - I have to go pick out my crazy socks! The craftivity came out great!

Sara :)
Smiling In Second Grade

Barbara said...

I am SO so proud of you for having this discussion with your little leaders. SO many times I've seen it become the counselor's job to do that . . . but teachers are the kids' primary connection!! Awesome lesson; beautifully creative connection. Thanks for sharing.


Amanda said...

I LOVED meeting you and hanging out! :) Keep me posted on Extreme Cookies and Karim. Ha!

Sharon said...

Love this Ipod idea! Glad you had a great time in Chicago. We are proud of our great city.

Lesson Plan SOS Teachers said...

Hi, Cheryl-Thanks for your sweet words! It was great meeting you and your hubby! I just took advantage of your sale and made a few purchases from your store! Can't wait to do the activities. Take care, Nicole :)