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Hi friends!  Popping in for Five Fun Facts!

I'm a hoarder of all things scarves and cheap jewelry.  My drawers are literally busting out the bottoms! I'm a lush for all things accessories on ETSY!  

Most recently, I discovered how to make my own body candy.  I was searching ETSY for filigree earrings and stumbled across the collection of earrings.  With spray paint I had from the classroom, I customized several sets.  Don't forget to search for earring hooks!  There are many more options than I linked.  I spent $20 with a discount and received 10 pair of earrings and hooks.

I'm beyond blessed to have my family home located off the St. John's River.  Sunsets and relaxation.  Now, that's what we call Island Life!

I walk to my own beat!  Not everyone gets me and I'm okay with that!  My favorite line from Pharrell Williams, "Same is Lame"!

Embrace the dance, folks!

I've brought home stray animals since I was a kid.  Such a sucker for the four legged variety.  All mine have been lucky finds through adoption!  Meet Baya, Augustus, and Meakah...

I've shared 10 years of giggles, snuggles and tears with my love! 

If you follow me on Instagram, you receive a nearly daily image from my personal life, school life, or behind the scenes here at Primary Graffiti!  Click the image and follow along!


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