Tree {Seasons Book Companion}

Earlier this month I found an adorable story at Target and couldn't resist the purchase.  When I got home, I found the book on sale at Amazon too.  The story is entitled, Tree: Seasons Come, Seasons Go.

The story begins with a wise old owl who lives in a tree.  This owl has seen the sights before. Seasons come and seasons go, but life continues to evolve. 

Tree explores the life of a tree across the span of a year.  The readers watch as the leaves change, blossom, fruit and fall.  The landscape evolves in the background with each season that passes.  We witness the circle of life with the tree, as well as the animals that visit.  The attention to details is shown through the illustrations and the rhythm of the text.  Rich vocabulary is sprinkled on each page making it an instructional dream.  The most delightful part is the peep through holes, revealing new visiting animals with each turn of the page.

Captivate students with seasonal themed fun while meeting learning standards with this ORIGINAL book companion for the story Tree! This 64 page packet is packed full of excitement. If you're interested in this file, click the graphic below.

What's included...

A heavy dose of story vocabulary will assist language learners with words such as gripped, shoots, peeping, blossoms, scamper, shimmering, flit, bowers, ripe, sway, damp, dew, shivers, shelter, and seasons.

Provided are several options for recording vocabulary words. Option one includes a vocabulary book with clipart images. Option two includes blank vocabulary response pages.  Option three includes one page of 12 vocabulary images for interactive notebooks.

Reread the story throughout the week using my prepared interactive skills pages. Included are essential questions, flip flaps for note taking, and a student page for an informal assessment. Each of the above options are provided for seasons and verbs.

Build background knowledge of Fall with a KWL and leaves with a Brace Map.

You'll find engaging comprehension response sheets with pages for predict/infer, life cycle, a story map, compare/contrast, story structure, and sequence of events.

Encourage students to write information about the seasons with a fun flip flap seasons book and matching brochure style writing paper.


 Hope you love the file as much as me!

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