A Modern Teacher Planner! {Giveaway}

Congrats to all who successfully completed another school year!  I envy your ability to rest and relax for the next several months.  I'm still plugging away at the year with 5 full AND 2 half days remaining with the kids.

As I submit all my documentation and work through end of the year paperwork, I think ahead to the changes in my life, personally and professionally.  Summer is a time to reconnect with mind, body, and spirit.  I also use the extended break for professional development and organize my ideas for the following year. 
How do you organize and prioritize? 

My life is a big list!  I cannot function without a calendar. I'm L.O.S.T without it!  I sure hope I'm not the only one that keeps more than one...

In my current county, I'm responsible for keeping my own plans in the format that best meets my needs. To record my plans and meetings, I keep a planner for school only!  This book comes home on weekends but otherwise remains in class to keep me on track! 

Life at home is literally on rotation.  My husband is an officer and has three schedules that rotate.  Keeping up with Tuesday - Friday or Saturday - Thursday AND Thursday - Tuesday shift rotations can keep life at a consistent bobble.  To ensure we get our two weekends off together, I plan out our personal schedules, off duty jobs, meal plans, bills, and primary graffiti in a personal planner that remains on the end table at our house. 

SO, Who is A Modern Teacher?

A Modern Teacher

The brains behind A Modern Teacher is April, a Texas native.  April taught 11 years with the majority of her years in 2nd and 3rd grades.  She works to empower the modern teacher with resources and simple solutions for both the classroom and home. 

I'm featuring April for her "OVER-THE-TOP" Modern Personal Planners!  There are several different color options to drool over...

Rainbow Chalkboard 
http://amodernteacher.bigcartel.com/product/rainbow-chalkboard-teacher-life-map-personal-planner-for-teachers http://amodernteacher.bigcartel.com/product/rainbow-chalkboard-teacher-life-map-personal-planner-for-teachers
http://amodernteacher.bigcartel.com/product/polka-dot-teacher-life-map-personal-planner-for-teachers http://amodernteacher.bigcartel.com/product/polka-dot-teacher-life-map-personal-planner-for-teachers
 Black and White Polka Dots

Each planner includes:
• 12 Monthly Calendars August 2015-July 2016
• Weekly Calendars August 2015-July 2016
• Colorful Laminated Tabbed Dividers

The above featured planners are currently sold out.  They will be available for sale on July 17th.  Each planner measure about 1 inch in thickness.  They're printed on heavy white paper that measures 8x9.  The high gloss sturdy front and back covers are bound by copper colored coil binding making it very durable! 

If you are interested in purchasing, I encourage you to sign up for April's Newsletter.  She plans to give updates on in stock planners scheduled for July.  You can sign up for the newsletter by linking here

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A Modern Teacher said...

You write THE BEST posts!!!! Sounds like you will have a great summer! I hope you get lots out of the planner! Thank you for sharing! xo, April