Phonics Word Work {OI, OY} and Growing Bundle

For those that have used and rated my phonics word work packs, thank you!  I just uploaded a new file and added this to the growing bundle.  If you previously purchased the bundle, please redownload for the newest pack!
This packet provides students with practice with oi, oy vowel pairs through interactive journal pages, centers, and no prep response pages.

I had a troubling time finding additional clipart for the second assessment so this pack will only have one option.

Word cards with matching pictures can be used during whole group instruction for introducing the vowel pair or placed in a pocket chart center.

Also provided are three additional centers for added practice. Students will have an opportunity to build {making words}, match {puzzles}, and form {playdoh} all words featured in the keywords below.

In addition to the centers, you will find two no prep games created on half pages to fit perfectly in student journals.

oi:  boil, coil, oil, coin, point, poison
oy:  cowboy, destroy, oyster, joy, royal, toy

Also available is a growing bundle of the units.  As new phonics centers are added the price goes up!

The Growing bundle...

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