Teacher Week: Who, Where, and Why

I'm a little late to teacher week so I'm combining a few days into one post! 

Here's twenty facts about me, Cheryl of Primary Graffiti...

1. I sleep with the TV on! It's a must! 2. I need one hour of me time after waking up. No talking allowed! 3. Starbucks is a need not a want! 4. I'm a football fanatic. Ask the 13 boys I just beat for the championship! 5. I have a degree in Sport Leadership. 6. I worked as a Media Relations Director in the Dodger Organization. Former Life! 7. I prefer pools to beaches. Sand in the pants is no fun! 8. Eyeballs gross me out. Never recovered from dissecting a sheep's eye in college. 9. I tap my foot continuously. I'd like to think I walk to my own beat. 10. Small dogs rule! 11. I'm obsessed with Derek Morgan of Criminal Minds. 12. I hate flying. Objects beyond my control send me into a panic. 13. I'm OCD. Blame that on my dad! 14. Coke over Diet. 15. I'm a hippie and beyond obsessed with plushy grass, pretty flowers, and cool trees. 16. Dark chocolate could be on my breakfast menu ever day! 17. My house is packed with antiques. Rennigers is the BEST antique adventure. 18. Not a fan of roller coasters. Remember, I need control! 19. Married my love on a private island. The deer were magical! 20. I couldn't survive without faith, friends, family!!!
One of my favorite purchases from the sale was KinderCraze library labels.  I'm over the moon about the organization and the independence factor is off the chain!


I've never had a more perfect solution to big books.  Moving to a laundry basket over the Child Craft big book stand has provided MUCH more function! 

I'm obsessed with my whole group carpet from Lowes for only $45.  Combined with a cheap chair and frames from target, they provide accent colors from the recycled fabrics!  Don't you love Elementary Shenanigans' Subway Art? 

I have eight bulletins and windows for days.  Since my school was built in the 60s and shows it's age, I removed the primitive blinds and covered the bottom windows.  To spice it up, I added borders and premade chalkboard clothespins from Target.  Since I no longer have a hallway to display a class set of work, this will satisfy my desire to display and allow more light into the classroom.  With minimum wall space, I decided to purchase door hooks from Target to hang over the bulletin boards.  I couldn't be more excited about my new system for displaying charts!

This new school lacks the storage space so organization is key!  Storing all my manipulatives, science tubs, and books without looking clutter was challenging.  I found great plastic shoe bins from Home Depot for a dollar.  The science books are displayed in ice buckets from Walmart.  With chalkboard labels from Michaels, I feel the room has a polished look.

I purchased this writing center from A Cupcake for the Teacher last year.  The new additions for my writing center include the rate yourself rubric pocket chart and an door display for writing materials purchased at Target.

My cabinet below is the ONLY space for materials to be store out of sight; However, I've moved my classroom 9 times over the past 8 years so organization behind the scenes is perfected. Over the sink had a disgusting display of torn black contact paper which was replaced by this whimsically fun design purchased from Walmart.

My literacy and math centers hasn't changed much from the previous year.  I hang my center rotation cards on binder rings so that it's easy to trade out for a new center.  I added the poofs found on clearance from the summer collection at Target to the computer center.  By removing the chairs, I have opened up the space in my classroom since the poofs store under the tables.

One of my favorite spaces is my teacher's desk.  One of my blog besties, The Bubbly Blonde purchased the owls for my classroom.  The bulletin display behind my desk has moved to five different rooms.  It's one of my favorite displays and available from Ladybug Teacher Files for FREE!
Throughout the classroom, I have seat creates to assist in opening up the space and provide the necessary extra storage for meeting with small groups and within centers.

Teacher week on Blog Hoppin' continues tomorrow with the following posts...


Marsha McGuire said...

Your room is adorable Cheryl. Thanks for the tour.
A Differentiated Kindergarten

Miss Kindergarten said...

Your room looks so good!!! You are so talented!!

Mrs. Garcia said...

Love your room decor. It looks open, welcoming, and well organized. Where did u get the self correcting pocket chart rubric?

Jodi said...

It looks great! I love it!

LRichards said...

Very sweet! Where did you get your hallway chart? I love it all!

Miss Foote said...

Gorgeous room! I am so very jealous you worked with the Dodgers and eyeball completely gross me out as well!
Chickadee Jubilee

Mrs. Saoud said...

The pocket chart for the rubric is from Target. The rubric is part of a pack I'm about to post on TpT.

Mrs. Saoud said...

The hallway chart is part of a First Day Anchor Chart Packet I purchased on TpT.

Unknown said...

Your classroom is beautiful and I am so, so, SO flattered that you use and love my library labels! Thank you for the wonderful tour! xoxo

Kathy Griffin said...

LOVE your room! Have a great school year!

Kathy Griffin's Teaching Strategies