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After months without my computer, I'm overjoyed to be back in business.  The week before spring break was the craziest week so far this year.  I literally wanted to pull out my hair.  Read Across America, Field Trip, 1st Grade Dr Seuss Performance and Parent Night, Clay Art Day, and The Boosterthon Fun Run.  WOWZERS!  By the end of the week my body and mind was giving out on me until I received word that my crashed computer was recovered.  Say what?  All my working documents saved. SAVED!  Science Journals, Homework Calendars, Literature Units, EVERYTHING!!!!  I went into spring break on cloud nine!

If you followed along on Facebook, you've seen pictures of all the happenings from my week but now it's time to put my blog on blast and get you guys up to speed.

Monday and Wednesday Read Across America...

Response to The Cat In The Hat

Freebie from Jennifer at First Grade Blue Skies

Wednesday Night with Lone Survivor Marcus Luttrell:

Thursday Night Dr. Seuss Parent Night...

The above was a topic of discussion on FB.  Each grade level does some kind of presentation for a parent night throughout the school year.  These presentations usually align with PTA meeting.  

We started our night with a presentation of common core standards and how we use them throughout a theme.  Our theme for the night, Dr. Seuss.  

After our presentation, we had the kids perform The Sneetches.  No matter how good or bad, the parents are in love!  

Following the performance, K/1 teachers went to their assigned station while kids and parents rotated throughout various activities.  We had a photo booth with props.  As you can imagine, it was a hit!  The reading nook was cozy and filled with Seuss Books.  Kids were propped on parents and grandparents laps as they snuggled with a book.  Just shy of the reading nook was tables prepped comprehension sheets.  A recycling relay was set up with The Lorax.  Green Eggs and Ham allowed for those who needed a snack break to rest and eat.  Bartholomew and The Oobleck was set up for students to get engaged in science.  Shriek were absolutely heard!  An art station using 2D shapes was set up for kids to create their own seusstastic creature!  

I'm sure I'm missing something from the evening but you get the idea.  FUN, SMILES, and ENTHUSIASM for learning!

Friday's Boosterthon Fun Run Fundraiser...

Between all the images above was a field trip to see Aesop's Fables at The Florida Theater and our annual school wide clay projects!  Oh I wish I had pictures of their dinosaurs.  They're amazing!!!  That brings me to the phone call.  The one that let me know my computer was ready and available to be picked up.  It had been since December 4th that we last saw each other.  I'd begun to give up hope. 

I've been busy since my first day of break.  The first thing scheduled was the completion of my Space and Technology Journal started back in November.  So here it is...

If you wish to save a few dollars, I did bundle my previous journals with the space and technology science journal.  If you previously purchased, you can redownload for free!

Now, I'm going to spend a few fun days away with my husband for the final half of my spring break!!!


Amber O. said...

That Seuss tee is too cute! Okay..I gave in. I pulled your interactive journal bundle out of my wish list and put it into my cart…and I couldn't be happier:) So excited to implement that next year! Thanks for a FAB product, Cheryl. Enjoy the rest of your spring break:)

Shelby Cooper said...

Glad to hear your computer was recovered! That is a major relief! Loving the science journal pages!

A Rocky Top Teacher said...! :) Great post!

-SarahA Rocky Top Teacher