Butterflies in Disguise Decor

I've been working on a new design for next school year.  I'm transitioning from primary colors to chalkboard and pastels.  Sooo excited!  My inspiration for color changes came from my clipart used for the decor pack, Butterflies in Disguise!

I found my fabrics at Hobby Lobby on 30% off the original price.  The borders for my bulletin boards came from School Aids, a local school supply store to my area.

If you are interested, here are previews from my decor pack.  It's packed full with 280 pages of goodies!  I really hope you love the file!

For a short time, I'm offering my file at a discount.

You will find
Cover Page Pg. 1
Alphabet Posters (Full Page) Pg. 2-28
Alphabet Posters (Half Page) Pg. 29-41
Word Wall Circle Headers or Book Bin Labels Pg. 42-55
Word Wall Cards (Pre-primer) Pg. 57-61
Word Wall Cards (Primer) Pg. 62-68
Word Wall Cards (1st Grade) Pg. 69-73
Word Wall Cards (2nd Grade) Pg. 74-79
Word Wall Cards (3rd Grade) Pg. 80-85
1-20 Number Posters with Tens Frame (Full Page) Pg. 86-106
1-20 Number Posters with Tens Frame (Half Page) Pg. 107-116
1-120 Number Wall Circle Headers Pg.117-176
Behavior Clip Chart (Full Page) Pg. 177-184
Behavior Clip Chart (Half Page) Pg. 185-188
Days of the Week Headers Pg. 189-193
Months of the Year Headers Pg 194-201
Calendar Cards (6 Colors/Designs) Pg. 203-238
Pocket Chart Jobs Pg. 239-243
Daily Schedule Cards with Analog Clock Pg. 244-255
Table Numbers (Full Page) Pg. 256-262
Table Numbers (Half Page) Pg. 263-265
Team Numbers (Full Page) Pg. 266-272
Team Numbers (Half Page) Pg. 273-275
Desk Nameplates with Alpha, Numbers, Shapes Pg. 276-278
Credits and Thank You Pg. 279-280

Link in First Graphic and Preview Graphic!


Mrs. Giles said...

OH! This is too cute! Adding it to the wish list.

Unknown said...

Love, love, love the whimsical clipart! You've outdone yourself as they say!

Christine said...

I love this!,,, is there a way to purchase only a few of those pieces though or just all or none??

Thank you

Mrs. Saoud said...

Thank you ladies! Christine, what pieces are you looking at purchasing?

smoran892 said...

Your butterflies in disguise are SO unique, I just love them!! You are so creative!!

I hope all is well, Cheryl


abqgreene said...

I love this set, but already have my classroom decor. Any chance you can come up with a "2013- 2014 Plan and Gradebook cover?

Unknown said...

So adorable ~ and ~ I love your fabric! So cute!!!! Your classroom is going to be so adorable!!! :)
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