Growing Professionally

Good Evening Peeps!  I'm popping in to give two short resolutions for my professional growth!  The hubs and I went on a day trip out of town to visit family today and are just returning home!!!

Katie Wood Rays rules!  Seriously!!!  Have you heard of her book In Pictures and In Words?  This illustration study is intended to assist students on developing their writing through illustrations.  I'm currently hosting a school study on the book for my district required IPDP.  It's my goal to share samples of this study as we move into chapters four this next week.  

I'm taking a big bite out of the core.  Per my principals coaching, teachers in second grade began common core last year.  With 100 days remaining in kindergarten, I'm eager to dive into common core for 1st grade and vertically aligning my lessons for looping!

Amanda at One Extra Degree is hosting today.  She has a magnificent giveaway that ends tomorrow!  Please stop by to read her goals, link up, and enter to win!!!

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Kelley Cirrito said...

I haven't heard of her... Definitely will be checking her out! Good luck with your common core adventures!