Teacher Week: Technology Tip on How to Create a Blog Button!!!

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The most frequent technology Q & A I've received over the past year has been how to make a button for my blog.  Another popular question has been about creating grab buttons, which for those that don't know the difference, it's a button where people can grab the code and place in their own blog.  I've uploaded this post as a document on scribd.  Click the first image and save pdf to your computer!  =D

You are adding:
 red (blog address), blue (blog name), green (imgur code)

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Unknown said...

It is so great that you made this into a PDF so I can save it for when I have more time!!
This is great!

Amy Johnston said...

Thank you for this detailed "how to"!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this! I just redid my blog and couldn't remember what code to post from the image hosting site. Your tutorial is very helpful.

April Walker said...

This is great! I just pinned it.
~April Walker
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Micheal Clark said...

It’s my first time to visit this site & I’m really surprised to see such impressive stuff out there.

Unknown said...

Your blogs are easily accessible and quite enlightening so keep doing the amazing work guys.
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Unknown said...

Imgur is a very good service. When you upload an image you can also publish it to the public (if is is really good of course!) and in the description put a link back to your post to try and get a few more visitors. Worth doing if you create a really good graphic.

Hope that helps. Chris