Classroom Jeopardy

All I have to say is SHUT.THE.FRONT.DOOR!!! I was offered an opportunity to review Classroom Jeopardy from Educational Insights. With state assessments, I've been knee deep in paperwork and unable to post. We were so lucky to receive the opportunity to play the interactive quiz show the week before FCAT. I reviewed the newly updated 2011 version but when I was hunting the website, I stumbled across the original model. This system usual cost $549 and it's now $49.  Say WHAT!?!?  Keep in mind, my review below is for the EL8000 series!

 I took home the USB drive to use it. The directions in the book were not as clear as going to the Educational Insights website. I watched the videos. Once I did that, I could create games that I had previously used in a Powerpoint form. I then easily transferred these new games to the USB drive. Once I got the batteries in the system, we tried it out. The games, controllers and the Host Control Device took some tries to figure out (The player controllers need to be labeled as to which is 1, 2 or 3) but we did it quickly. The students and I are now having a blast using the system to learn and review!!!! 


Tania said...

Review time for 400, please :)

My Second Sense

Yvonne Dixon said...

Oh, how cool Cheryl! Would love to have that in my classroom. I bet your kids had a great time trying this out!-Yvonne Dixon