Last Day

I managed to make it through today without crying.  I couldn't say the same for making our class memory books.  I was a blubbering fool.  The kids embraced together approximately 10 times.  It's definitely hard letting go.  Notice I'm about to be attacked in the first picture.  The second picture there is no trace of me.  I'm there amongst BO and all.  LOL!!  We had a picnic lunch thanks to my fabulous parents.  We hung out and reflected on our years together.  We hugged, hugged, and hugged.  I attempted to get the students out of the room and some came back for more hugs.  It broke my heart.  


Dana said...

Aww! I love these pics. They show just how much you guys love each other! You obviously mean the world to them! :) Happy summer!

3rd Grade Gridiron

Oceans of First Grade Fun said...

AWWW They LOVE their teacher! So beautiful!
Ms. A

Anonymous said...

Wow - your students totally love you! I bet they'll miss you this summer!


Kreative in Kinder said...

I made a DVD for my students. I took about 1000 pictures this year. It was amazing to see how much they have changed throughout the year. It took everything to hold back tears when I showed it to the parents. Thanks for sharing your sweet pictures!


Kristen said...

Oh this is the sweetest thing!! I am not surprised to see your class swarming you like that, it's evident they love you and everything they have learned with you. How bittersweet!! How many workshop days do you have?

I am going to have to hold back the tears during my 5th graders graduation...the whole school does a clapping out song and as soon as it starts up, the kids and teachers get so emotional! Happy Summer Cheryl!