Twelve Days of Christmas in July Sale: Day 3

Hi Peeps!  I hope you have found some amazing sales on various products this week.  Whether you scooped up one here at Primary Graffiti or with my friends in the hop!  Today I'm featuring one SWEET file.  Celebrating Yummy Birthdays has been a visual display in my class for the past three years.  This unit contains 12 sassy headers for each month, delicious cupcakes to record students birthdays, and awards to give the kiddos on their special day.  You will receive two sizes to accommodate various classroom displays.  What I love most about this product is the graphing and math skills embedded within the display.  During our first week of school we complete a little data analysis so that each of the kids are familiar with data, class birthdays, and where to find a visual of each month.

If you previously downloaded this product, I updated the file but only small tweaks.  You can redownload for free.  If this is a new file for you and you're interested, a link is provided in the image above!

As for my daily freebie spotlight, I'm featuring one of my oldest files!  Each year I host a postcard exchange.  It's a US State exchange and spots fill up VERY fast!!!  The freebie file featured below is LARGE and doesn't fit with today's requirements for smaller freebies on TpT.  It's been listed for three years, so I don't feel it's right to change this file to a paid product. I hope the freebie police whom might be shaking their finger at me understands!  LOL!  Stay tuned for my postcard announcement upon my return from vacation!

I used this product differently with my kindergartners than my 2nd graders.  In kindergarten, we created one book, whole group as each postcard was read to the class.  We look the states up on the map and pinned the location.  After viewing each of the state symbols online, I had volunteers assist in gluing precut pieces in the correct areas.  My 2nd graders completed the task independently after a webquest.  However you decide to use the product, I hope you have fun.  Options for journaling are included in the State Notebook.  Enjoy!

As you are aware, the sale is one day only!
I still have the freebie fan page file listed from Monday.
If you are interested in more savings, you can hop to each of the following store!

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Kelley Dolling said...

Girl . . . your state notebook reminded me of your postcard exchange. I so want to do this again this year. The kids absolutely ate it up! See you VERY soon!!!