My Method for Charts

Hi Friends!  Hope your new year has started off with a bang.  I'm popping in to share a little about my charts and how I display them in my classroom.  Over the past few years I've shared my display on Instagram and often receive questions about the display.

SO, let me start by reintroducing myself for those that might be new!  I'm Cheryl Saoud.  I started Primary Graffiti as Mrs. Saoud's Blog in 2009.  I was a looping teacher from K-2 and communicated with my parents through my blog.  By 2011, I merged to Primary Graffiti.  Why Primary Graffiti? I was looping K-2, as mentioned above, and that's the primary years.  I also had my students writing blog posts at the start, and as many of you know, reading primary students' writing is like reading GRAFFITI.

So why are we here today?  I've had teachers asking about my method of hanging charts in my classroom.  Over the past four years, I've shared many posts of my classroom on Instagram.  Many times, the charts on display were in the background of the post.  Off topic from why the post was created, teachers would ask about my charts and how they were hung.  So here it is...

I display four hangers.  What I mean by hangers are the hanging system.  It's simply a laundry hanging system made by Spectrum and sold on Amazon.  I'm not here to sell you anything.  This post DOES NOT contain links that I make money from.  It's simply a system that works for me.  If you click on the word Spectrum, I have linked the product.

As you can see, I display the four main content areas in my classroom.  I have charts for language arts, math, writing and science. I create charted posters to display a summary of what we are learning.  My teacher created chart is created and hung after the lessons with my class. Behind my charted posters, I hang the class created charts on the same topic.  I do believe the kids need to be a participant in the chart creating process.  However, many of my lessons are charted over several days and several charts.  I like to come back and provide a beautiful visual that, as said above, is a summary of the weekly focus.  I clip all charts that go with the focus on the same hanger.

Example:  If we are working on addition, I have an addition charted poster with all the strategies we focused on as a summary.  Each lesson, such as communatitve property, associative property, additive, fact families, etc are all clipped to the back of my summarized charted poster.  If I need to pull a specific lesson, I unclip the lesson and move it to the front.

I find using the specific kind of hangers on the hanging system works best.  When I used cheap laundry hangers with laundry clips on them, The clips would get tangled and charts would easily fall.  This style of hanger allows for a stronger hold on the charts and are smaller given the space between each loop is close together.

Each hanger has a different domain.  I spoke of addition previously.  The hanger in front is subtraction.  I also have a hanger for number sense, measurement, etc.

So as you can see, this is my way of saving all charts for the year.  Being able to recycle them when a specific standard is being readdressed.  I can also spread out multiple charts on each clip during a specific lesson.

Example: I have many different charts that can serve a purpose when independently writing.  I want my kids to feel like all the resources are available at once. One chart is about capital letters.  Another chart is about writing topics.  In addition, I have a chart about adding dialogue.  And, don't forget the importance of displaying the chart about the writing process.  If we are in our writing workshop. I can move each of the four charts out on the language arts, math, and science hanging system to display all at once before moving them back after the lessons.

I'm aware I have a nice space that provides enough room for this display. Keep in mind, one hanging system can be powerful tool as well.  Each hanger on the system could be a different content area, just rotating the actual hanger on the system.  Be creative!

PS.  If you're looking for chart inspiration, I have a pinterest board devoted to it.  Link here.

Happy Teaching Friends!!!!
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Typing Cows (Low Prep Resources)

Hi Friends,

Popping in to share a new file.  I'm out early next week to attend GYTO in Washington DC.  Super excited to be visiting one of the most beautiful cities during blossom season!  In preparation for my absence, I created a new low prep file for my sub.  

Here's what is included...

Click graphic above! 

If you're interested in the resources shown above, click the cover graphic to snag a copy in my store.


I also have a remarkable Cherry Blossom Book Companion that's perfect for this time of the year.  

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A Mouse and A Cookie {Cause & Effect Freebie}

Hey y'all.  Over the past few months, I've worked with my students on cause and effect.  This week, I pulled an oldie but goodie from my bookshelves.  I get so wrapped up in new stories that sometimes forget to share the series that have been loved by my students for years, so I finally introduced Laura Numeroff: If You Give A Mouse A Cookie, Dog a Donut, Cat a Cupcake, and Moose a Muffin.  Most of my little learners hadn't heard of the stories so the wow factor high!

We simply read and discussed cause and effect for the first few days.  The kids enjoyed the circular stories and quickly made book trades since I have several sets of the series in our classroom library.  By Wednesday we were working on sequencing artwork and reading between the lines. The kids completed their own retelling cookie and worked with a partner to explain cause and effect as they sequenced to the next picture.

My students created their own response and crafted a puppet to use with their retellings by the end of the week.

All the resources can be found for free by clicking the cover graphic above!
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Fun with Conversation Hearts {Mini Book}

Just popping in to share a fun little file that pairs well with the Target mini books: heart shaped and square.  You will see a visual of all the pages included below...

If you're interested in this file, link using the cover below...

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When An Elephant Falls in Love {Freebie Response}

I stumbled across an adorable book a few weeks ago and knew it would be perfect compliment for my next response at our writing center.  The kids were all smiles and giggles about the elephant's silly behaviors.  In the coming weeks, students will respond to writing the freebie provided below.

The story, When an Elephant Falls in Love, tells of an elephant that does many foolish things when he is around the object of his affection.  He hides, writes letters he never sends, and leaves flowers at the door only to run away.  I was instantly captivated by the adorable illustrations and simple text.

Target can be dangerous.  A little shopping therapy ended in a cheap parent gift for each student, costing $10.  The book was $12.

Contain the mess by using a bowl.

I have adhesive magnetic tape that I adhered to the back of their frames.

The heart light was purchased several years ago.  I found a cute free printable if you're looking for something your kids can hold.  The bunting comes in English and Spanish. 

The 4x6 frame fits perfectly in the party bags!

Check out a few pages of this adorable story...

Click cover graphic below for the freebie download.

The kids are provided a directed drawing of an elephant and a doodle framed paper for their illustration.  To assist their writing, my students are also provided picture cards of Valentine's Day nouns and an affectionate acts mini book.  Students are asked to write sweet or silly things they will do for the people they love.

Looking for additional ideas, I have a book companion for Somebody Loves You, Mr. Hatch.

Click the cover graphic above.

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