Twelve Days of Christmas in July Sale: Day 2

Hi friends!  I hope you found a few deals and new freebies for on day one!  Today I'm featuring my various Calendar Packs.  I have three different files available in my store!  What makes these product stand from other calendars are the daily prompts.  This allows for my class to tackle Common Core: Speaking and Listening (both Comprehension/Collaboration AND Presentation of Knowledge and Ideas) during our daily math routines.  

The first unit is a Comprehensive Calendar Pack.  This file provides themed calendar pieces for each month. You'll receive a header and date cards.  I also provided coordinating designs for the monthly prompts which embed social studies, health, and science within the questions.  During calendar time, I would have the kids assist flipping over the date.  Since I was in Kindergarten last year, I would ask the prompt, give the kids a few minutes to share their answer by turning and talking, then I'd call for several to respond.  This year, I have the same group of kids, so I plan to have them record their answers in a journal during morning announcements on WELA and share after.  

The next file was created by request.  This file contains only the calendar prompts.  My sweet friend Kathleen mentioned that she used them on a ring in her instructional area.  They can also be used during centers as a writing prompt.  Just know that these are the same prompts as featured in the calendar pack above!

 The third calendar unit is specifically for Kindergarten but can be used for 1st grade as a review for skills previously taught.  I designed this file to be colorful and playful.  I provided three designs (birdhouses, dinosaurs, and jungle animals) for the calendar cards.  Each design features three different images for cards 1-31 so that you can rotate, create patterns, mix the designs.  You will receive a set of whimsically, colorful headers too! What makes this pack specific to the grade levels mentioned above are the prompted questions provided.  You will receive 26 beginning reading questions, 30 short vowel questions, 30 long vowel questions, 15 fairy tale questions, 20 about me prompts, and 48 math questions.  Mix it up each month to provide a little of this and that!

I'm stepping back in time (but not as far as the freebie yesterday) to share my Parent Contact Journals.  Please note, I created these long before the editable phase and it's just too much work with my upcoming  units to change this file.  I simply printed and put the pages in a notebook.  As needed, I recorded on the pages the old fashion way... with a pin.  LOL! In this file you will receive: a parent contact log (placed next to my phone), behavior journal (students with behavior plans), and a newsletter (editable with powerpoint, yay!).  

This sale is only for one day!  Don't miss the fun!
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Cathy Stiefel said...

Thank you! I love the calendar prompt idea! I can't wait to have my own classroom so I can implement some of your ideas!