Twelve Days of Christmas in July Sale: Day 6

Welcome back to day six!  I'm featuring two of my student binders. One binder includes student accountable data and the other is a reference binder.  These files are literally the first two ever created!  This was before the day of Common Core, Editable Files, and Clipart on TpT!  

My resource binder helped reduce student questions during independent worktime.  A few years back, I purchased plastic three-ring binders from Walgreens at 15 cent for each folder.  What a GREAT deal!!!  At the conclusion of each year, I rub down the folders with Lysol wipes and prep them for the following year.  I'm on the 4th year with the same folders.  This is a feat due to the fact that my 1st, 2nd, and now Kindergarteners have used them.  AMAZING, right!?!  Only two folders have been replaced, and we all have THOSE students.  LOL.  When I first started using the binder, I punched holes in folders as a divider between data and subject resources. Over time, I've acquired enough section dividers that I don't have to punch holes anymore.

You will receive a 43 page file filled with MANY words and visuals (subjects, supplies, colors, months, seasons, holidays and celebrations, alphabet, blends, trigraphs, digraphs, and vowel diphthongs).  In addition, you'll find paths of motion, print, and cursive alphabet, strategy posters (predict/infer, monitor/clarify, evaluate, summarize, question, and connections),various responses with a picture clue of the the aligned strategy poster, genres at a glance, genre recording page, AND math focus sheets (place value, coins, fractions, and addition strategies).  

My student data binder has helped with self motivation and reflection.  I didn't use this binder with kindergarten.  I've only used this binder with my first and second graders.  It's simplistic so that primary students are capable of tracking their own data through bar graphs.  

I slowly incorporated components with my class.  I started with a mission statement and had the kids assist in creating one for our class.  This sets the tone for the year.  Then we moved into lessons on SMART goals after reading Sean Covey's Seven Habits of Happy Kids.  This book is broken into seven stories for each habit.  Check out The Leader In Me's cute website with graphics and summaries for each habit!  You can preview the site here. Click the image below to be directed to Sean Covey's website.  You can meet the characters of Seven Oaks, read one of the habits, and see how Covey bridges the gap between home and school with activities!

Following our SMART goals, students were asked to work on the subject they felt was most challenging.  We reflected on our goals and developed an action plan during RtI.  We evaluated the goals each nine weeks.  Even though we focused on one subject for their action plan, my students would graph each assessed instructional area.  I started slowly.  You'll need lessons on data collection, graphing, and how to analyze the graphs. 

The preview below shows only reading.  The same sheets are provided for each subject. All pages pertaining to the specific subject will have the same graphic to ensure student organization.  

 My freebie feature is BRAND SPANKIN' NEW!  Since today is all about student buy-in and accountability, I created posters for The Seven Habits of Happy Kids. You'll receive two different posters for each habit.  Also provided are simple pocket chart charts for smaller wall space.  I know space is highly coveted!  Last, you receive colorful 7 Habit Ribbons. The ribbons can be pinned on a student, worn around the neck, or displayed in the classroom. I provided a blackline to save on ink.

The following video provides hand motions for each habit.  I just love that the kids have a way of connecting with the strategies being taught! 

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