Throwback Thursday: Creative Dialogue

I'm back again for a double feature!  I couldn't miss out on Throwback Thursday!  There's no bells and whistles with this post, just a creative idea from a presentation a few years ago!  The post was originally created in April of 2011.

--------Original Post--------

Teaching dialogue has never been so much fun!  After having Melissa Forney present at school, teachers came away with exciting ideas for enhancing writing.  I am going nuts over dialogue with a creative twist. After the meeting, our first grade team put their heads together, asked parents to donate old magazines, and began a grade level dialogue writing contest. The kiddos browsed old images, looking for pictures with a twist.  The less sense the picture made, the more creative their dialogue became.  The focus for this lesson was quotation marks.  Brace yourself people and prepare to giggle...

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Shannon Kirby said...

This is too cute!! I love it and looking forward to using it. ;) Thanks!!


Sweet n Sassy in 2nd

First Grade Buddies said...

We've taught dialogue this way fun!! We love seeing what the kiddos come up with and how they interpret the magazine picture!

:) Tamra and Sarah
First Grade Buddies

Susanna Westby said...

So funny - and you'd have to be insane to hug broccoli for sure. Love these!
Whimsy Workshop