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Double post Friday!  Are you sick of me yet?!?  I'm linking up with Cara from The First Grade Parade for Favorite Pins Friday. This has been one of my all time favorite linky parties. I've found so many creative pins, inspiring pinners, and unique boards to follow!

1.  Flair Wear  I stumbled across this cutie patootie bow scarf on Etsy!  It's mintastic and precious in every way!  It comes in a variety of colors!  This is on my must haves for a fall vacation this year!

2.  Electrified.  Is it crazy that I'm already thinking about the fall?  I found this little pin and knew I had to incorporate in my home decor for October and November.  It's perfectly enchanting, don't you agree?

3.  Capacious Cookery.  I worked for a designer for three years.  The amount of work that goes into preparing every detail of the house is astounding!  I'm dumbfounded in the amount of unusable space found in my past three homes.  My current kitchen is of no exception.  The next pin is BRILLIANT!  I have the space and now the inspiration.

4.  Obsession Overdrive.  I have a confession!  I'm obsessed with scarves.  I wear them in every season.  At times a scarf is worn to keep out the cold, but other times I wear the scarf as jewelry, an accent for the outfit.  My obsession stems back LONG before scarves were cool.  I have several drawers filled with beautiful colors..  I literally slap myself in the head when I saw this pin.  #feedingmyhabit

5.  Erudite Enthusiasm.  I'm sure there are a few 'Royal Watchers' out there!  Are you anticipating the birth of William and Kate's first baby?  I stumbled across this pin almost a year ago and died! This pin is obviously from their wedding.  As we are awaiting the news of the birth and gender, I thought I'd share a pin that is sure to give you a giggle.

6.  Nebulous Nursery. Keeping with the theme 'Royal Watcher' above, I wanted to share the most adorable baby space.  What a perfect space for a gender unknown.  I'm certain my favorite design element happens to be the stripes on the ceiling.  Whimsical and delicate without being overly feminine! 

7.  Oddities and Fascinators.  Are you on Instagram?  Obsessed?  I'm not sure how this will feed my need for snapping pictures, but I will say the Polaroid by Soicalmatic has peeked a serious interest.  First off, I love the nostalgic feel of Polaroids.  Secondly, it's so dang charming!  Third, I love anything odd and want to be the first to own it.  Finally, it looks like Instagram, one of my favorite places to "hang out"!.  In 2014, Socialmatic is expected to release a hybrid digital/film camera.  Seriously, read about it here!

8.  Rainforest School Theme.  This upcoming year, my school is hosting a rainforest theme.  I've been hunting for pins over the past few months.  I stumbled across Teacher Bits and Bobs: Open House while being a sleuth!  When you click the image from my board you are linked into a ginormous post of visuals from their crazy fun happenings at school!  PS, I bought her unit too!  Nothing short of amazing!

9.  Math. Numbers, Problem Solving, Fraction, Oh.MY!  My math board is filled with amazing ideas.  As a matter of fact, it has more than 300 pins.  YIKES!  The next pin is a simplistic idea that I'm incorporating this next school year. During my summer dollar store finds, I purchased a photo album and inserted a set of flashcards inside.  Instant center!

10.Bulletin Boards.  I stumbled upon this amazing pin yesterday!  I linked over to myteacherpages.com to read about how the Twitter exit ticket works in her classroom.  It's a must have for the 2013-2014 school year.  The first image is from Pinterest.  You can see that the kids use this chart as an exit ticket tweet.  After students complete the exit ticket, they place it on the twitter feed.  The second pin I found on the Interactive Literacy Bulletin Boards page.  The image shows what the chart looks like before the "tweets" are are added.  I love that it's incorporated students numbers for kids to place their sticky on.  Since I already number my class, this will eliminates problems when my darlings forget to put their name on the paper (which happens all too often)!

I hope you found a pin that is inspiring to you!  These are not my original pins, so I linked the board in which you can repin.  If you are insterested in checking out more crazy fun ideas, click the image below and check out all the amazing finds at The First Grade Parade!


Bridget S said...

I love your "royal" pin :) I'm so excited to hear the name they choose!!!

I'm another scarf fan, and I had 2 posts about scarfs on my blog today. A new "must have" scarf, and an easy to make scarf organizer! I was in Minn. this week, and I bought another scarf. I don't even want to know how many I actually have!

Literacy Without Worksheets

Susanna Westby said...

Great pins today! I'm going to borrow that idea of the flash cards in the wipe-off package. Only a teacher could put those two things together! Thanks so much for sharing, Cheryl!
Whimsy Workshop

Ms. Fliss said...

Oh my goodness! I just love that Twitter bulletin board! I also had a thought... If you had older students (like the ones who would need that phone prison), you could totally make it a *real* twitter exit ticket by using something like wiffiti: http://www.classroom20.com/profiles/blogs/wiffiti-the-interactive-message-board

Just thought I'd share!