Twelve Days of Christmas in July Sale: Day 5

Welcome Back Friends!  Today I'm featuring two of my favorite files. The products work together beautifully for behavior management in my classroom: CHAMPs and a Behavior Clip Chart.

My district requires the CHAMPs model.  If you haven't heard of this positive, proactive program by Randy Sprick, then take a minute and read my article featured in Randy Sprick's Safe and Civil Schools Newsletter last fall.  You can link here to read! 

In summary, all expectations for CHAMPs are given to students before lessons, transitions, and work time.  The expectations eliminates confusion, state the objectives, and clearly defines how the task is to be completed.  With CHAMPs in place, kids feel so much more successful!  

I recently updated my CHAMPs charts and shared here at Primary Graffiti.  For more visuals, please take a peek at my previous post.  You can see the images here.  If you previously purchased, you can redownload for free.  

Another tool to assist managing behavior in my classroom has been a behavior clip chart.  All you need to do is print, cut, and laminate for durability.  I punch holes in the top of each page and connect them with rings.  Each child is assigned a number which is written on each clip.  Writing students names on the clips is another option!  I find it easier to use numbers to manage students when an unexpected move occurs. I also use the clips for more than one year to save on cost.

When there are negative behaviors, student clips will be moved down the clip chart towards red. When positive behaviors occur, student clips will be moved up the clip chart towards pink.  I have my students move their own clips, but you will have to find the system that works best for you!  The clips generally end on a reasonable color.

To encourage positive behaviors, I tie-in my student of the month selections.  If a student makes it to the top of the chart and remains in the spot by dismissal, their name goes in a student of the month cup.  We discuss probability so that the kids understand the more times their name is in the cup, the higher the probability their name is selected.  As a celebration every other week, the previously chosen student of the month draws a name.  The reward allows students the ability to sit in a cozy, stuffed chair during instruction rather than sitting on the floor. This seat is highly coveted! 

This product was recreated for a fresh new look.  It's 100% different in regards to background, frames, and clipart.  The actual system itself is still the same!  If previously purchased, you can redownload for free.  You will receive two version for your printing needs.  Also available are two sizes to accommodate various classroom wall spaces!

The freebie feature today aligns with the theme for management.  This past year I dealt with a lovable but unmanageable student. I met with the behavior interventionist to develop constant reinforcement with short term goals.  After our meeting, I developed the following sheet.  For each subject there are three objectives: Did the student raise their hand, use the correct volume (no talking, whisper, etc), and remain in their seat?  The rewards are listed below.  Objectives can and should be modified to meet the needs of the each child to reduce specific behaviors.  This contract is only used with students in need of instant gratification and a behavior contract.  The goal would be to move away from the contract over time.

As with previous day, the deal is one day only!
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Sara Connell said...

Those behavior pictures for the clip chart are so cute! Thanks for the freebie!
First Grade Funtastic

Jodi said...

Your freebie is ADORABLE and I am in love with the faces on your behavior chart :) It gives students such a great visual.

Fun In First