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Hi Friends!  Welcome to Favorite Pins Friday hosted by The First Grade Parade.  For this linky post, I'm going to share a few personal and professional pins.  Five for Friday will return in August.  For now, we will bring in one of my obsessions, Pinterest!

1.  Make Yourself Epic!  Within this board you'll see a common theme more recently, ANYTHING mint!  The Mr. is certain I need to be committed.  I have a confession, I'm a Shopaholic and it's mintastic!

2. Oddities and Fascinators!  I found an uber exciting pin which allows you to take your Instagram photos and turn them into magnets.  This past year I created a separate Instagram account for my classroom.  With privacy setting in tact and an anonymous name, I was able to create a place for parents to follow daily images without the fear of the pictures being exposed to social media.  This year, I'd like to make each child a magnet photo collage of images as an end of the year gift with Sticky Grams.  

3. Reclaimed Designs.  From the side of a barn, an old milk crate, or the haul of a boat, old reclaimed wood will catch my eye with any design or decor.  Aged and imperfections show character and beauty.  I found a neato pin in which I'm inspired to create and bring to my classroom as a chart stand. 

4. Geekery.  I'm a geek when it comes to apple technology.  I love purchasing books through various apps: books from Barnes and Noble on the Nook app, books from Amazon on the Kindle app, books from iTunes on the iBooks app.  I visually display the books in class through a previously purchased adapter.  Recently I discovered a visual projector that can click to my iPhone or iPad.  

5.  Everything In Its Place.  Before the school year ended, one of my teaching partners took her old 3 drawer bin and spray painted it hot pink.  I was surprise at how well it revived an old, spent 3 drawer container to a fresh, vivacious storage component perfect for a new school year.  I wasn't as keen on painting the drawers too.  She did, it looked great, but worried it wouldn't last.  Then this past week, I stumbled across this cute freebie.  I'm currently tackling a new fun crafty project that with this freeie from Fun in 4b. 

6. Pimp My Classroom.  I find myself looking to outdo each year with classroom design and decor.  With a degree in design, a passion to shop, and a fondness for Pinterest, I'm forever looking for fun and cutesy ideas for "Pimping My Classroom".  I found a great way to display book on Pinterest.  Two looks, same concept AND one will, for sure, make it's appearance in my first grade classroom.  

7.  Cavity Caper.  Oh boy, this board is sure to send you to the dentist.  Each year I host a Camping with Book for the final week of school.  I'm always looking for unique camp snacks to share with the kids.  S'mores can be so messy!  ...Until now!  This brilliant pin gives a fresh new spin on the classic snack!

8.  Sub Tub. As I prepare for the upcoming year, I am restocking each of my sub tubs with activities for each month.  I stumbled across this pin which will help the substitute tremendously.  Now she will have a name for each face.  I modified a bit to include a little about each student.  Class Helper, Technology Expert, Proximity Needed, etc.  The joy of looping is that I know and have pictures of each kid.  I will have to insert a few newbies when I get my new roll. 

9.  Erudite Enthusiasm.  Shared wisdom, profound statements, or just downright witty are the preferred pins in this board.  I'm sure some random funnies made their way too.  This next image speaks for itself...

10.  Brilliant Units. A reward system that I will incorporate this year is Amy Lemons' Wear it Proudly unit.  It's just darlin'!  She has dedicated an adorable post here on the entire file.  I'm going to share the pin first then a few additional pictures next!

Here are a few sample of rewards included...



Jennifer White said...

LOVE Stickygram!!
First Grade Blue SKies

The Polished Teacher said...

Love the stickygram magnets as gifts for the students at the end of the year! Too cute!

I always see pin boards and think we should be friends! Pinterest is fantastic!

The Polished Teacher

Jayne Gammons said...

I LUV the idea of a private instagram account for parents! I might as well just hang that phone around my neck. Thanks for sharing! Jayne
ABCs of Reading
Smart Kids

Ashley Pennell said...

I LOVE your idea for doing magnet collages of the photos for the end of the year!! I would love to have an Instagram set up for my class photos.. Currently I am putting them on a blog each week and it tends to take while. Did most of your parents have and use Instagram already? I think I would LOVE to do that.. much easier and cooler, too!!

That's So Second Grade!

Mrs. McHaffie said...

I am creating a classroom Instagram right this second! What a genius idea!!!! :)

Beg, Borrow, Steal

Disneymum said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the idea for the private class instagram!

Kelli Eddleblute said...

Private Class Instagram! Great Idea!

Spotted in First Grade

Mrs. Saoud said...

Ashley, not originally. Some parents had never heard of Instagram. I found this option better than having to upload to an off site, set security settings, and share each image. With the other hosting sites, parents still had to sign up. With my cell phone always on hand and one simple step to upload, I found this was more convenient for me. The beauty, parents don't have to have an iPhone. They can create an account and look online, so a classroom Instagram account is the best option EVER.

Rachel Elsener said...

A classroom Instagram is such a smartypants idea!

Gladys said...

A classroom Instagram account?! You are brilliant my friend!! :)

Karen Stamp said...

Magnet collages!? What a FUN idea!! LOVE IT!
Karen :o)
Mrs. Stamp's Kindergarten

Faith Wheeler said...

Okay... I am LOVING the Instagram idea. How clever!

Angela Griffith said...

I really like the separate instagram account!!! No, actually I LOVE it!!!

The Daily Alphabet

Daliene Hendon said...

I love the three drawer printable!

Bridget S said...

I love the idea of a private instagram account for parents. The mini projector that hooks to your phone is AWESOME! I had no idea that even exisited!

Literacy Without Worksheets

Rachel said...

I found you via the linky party and I love your everything in its place and pimp my classroom boards. I'm so glad you shared!
La Señorita Creativa

Miss Cosby said...

Ummm...i just saw your pins and we could *totally* be friends, lol. :D

You Might Be a First Grader….

Second Grade Serenade said...

Sub Tub! Cute!

Sending Tons of Teacher Love Your Way,


Second Grade Serenade

Anonymous said...

I ❤the 3 drawer organizer! I am new to Instagram, but love the idea of a class account! Thanks for sharing!

Jodi said...

Your pins are AMAZING!! I love the class Instagram idea :)

Fun In First

Carol Davis said...

I really will add an Instagram just for parents and students. Right now I have my Instagram account restricted as I do not want parents in my personal business! Also I love your quote about Pinners being your friends. Too True!

Ms. Shope's Class said...

Love the stickygram! Really cool! I love following you on pinterest! :)
Ms. Shope's Class