Throwback Thursday: Journal Freebies

Happy 4th of July, Peeps!  I hope you are enjoying your holiday! 
Welcome back for Throwback Thursday.  I'm stepping back into time to an old post on Vocabulary.  Actually, I'm linking two older posts.  The first post is from March of 2011 where I shared activities used with The Boy Who Loved Vocabulary by Roni Schotter.  This was a school wide book of the month.  For my kindergarten peeps, the vocabulary will be a bit hard.  I was teaching 2nd grade during the time. 

Throwback Post:

My second article, An Inch Deep and Mile Wide Just Won't Do, was published with Really Good Stuff.  This article explains the importance of vocabulary instruction.  

 Click the image to link to the article.

This month, I'm working on Vocabulary with the book: A Boy Who Loved Words.  Although a bit challenging, the story was a fantastic read.  I love watching the kids use STRONG descriptive words in their writing.  A kindergartener told me they were voracious as he walked in line to the lunch room.  ADORABLE!!!

Each of the kids in our school were given a word book to jot down and develop their favorite vocabulary words.  I created vocabulary cards using words from the The Boy Who Loved Words.  As I introduced each word during the read aloud, the kids searched through their bags to find the word and glue them into their word books.  It took nearly three days to complete the story.  After a week break, we revisited the the book of the month today. I read through, stopping at each of the vocabulary words.  The kids called out the correct word as I paused.  I was so proud of their ability to read the vocabulary words in isolation.  I now know they understand the meaning in the text.  I asked for the meaning or a synonym for each of the vocabulary words.  Without hesitation, the kids were able to answer.  My heart is aflutter with excitement!

After our lesson, I had the kids determine and create a list of what they loved the most.  Then my kiddos looked up the definition in the dictionary and leaned how to use the thesaurus. We described what we loved with great vocabulary.

I've included the vocabulary picture cards and link a few great lesson ideas #1    #2    #3 for  The Boy Who Loved Words by Roni Schotter.
The Boy Who Loved Words Vocabulary


The second of two post contains my vocabulary journal. We used this journal whole group to break down the meaning of the word. You will find additional journals as well. ENJOY!  You can find my original post from February 2011.

 Math Journal Available for Homework

Reading Journal for Book Responses
Reading Graphic Organizer Journal for Reading Strategies

Science Journal for Observations

Vocabulary Journal  for Skills Block

Writing Journal with Prompts


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Kathleen Behrens said...

This was a great post. Thank you for the vocabulary resources and the ideas. Unfortunately, the links to the journals did not work...

Goldilox said...

Thank you for sharing! I'm really excited to see the journals but none of the links work! :(

Cynthia Arki said...

Thanks for the ideas! I love using journals in class. I've been struggling with how to incorporate vocabulary into my lessons. Unfortunately, the links to the journals did not work :(

Mrs. Saoud said...

Scribd unlinked the files due to the time they've been uploaded on their website. Everything is relinked and ready to go!

Kathleen Behrens said...

These are awesome resources. Thank you for sharing!