MPM School Supplies Discount Code!

Have you heard of MPM School Supplies?  MPM stands for Melanie, Philip, and Michael. This family business is part of an educators network we created called "The Making Smiles Network". They built this network to provide easy access to resources, materials, and support so you can focus on positively affecting the lives of the children you serve. 

Today I'm excited to receive my package of goodies from MPM School Supplies. 

 I picked out Art Supplies. This past year, I attended Dinah Zike's presentation on Foldables and learned some interesting craft tips.  Small hands clutch small bottles better.  So why do we hand students a large bottle of Elmer's glue and expect that they can squeeze the glue appropriately?  I've been looking EVERYWHERE for the small bottles and was over-the-moon when I saw just that on MPM School Supplies website.  Here is a link to the 10 pack of glue.

This past year, I opened a DonorsChoose project for various art supplies.  One thing I requested was multicultural paper.  It never occurred to me  how much the kiddos loved matching their skin tones to the construction paper.  So naturally, I decided to pick up several packages to get me through this upcoming school year.  Here is a link to the paper!  The price is AMAZING!! 

I love finger paint but can only find the primary colors in my local stores.  Crayola is my FAVORITE!  I didn't hesitate to purchase the bright, secondary colors to complete my set. You can link here!

Everything on this website is discounted and the customer service is FAB!  I just created a DonorsChoose project this year for a rug.  It's almost 600 dollars.  When I saw their rugs (the same rugs) listed for half the price, I was stunned.  Take a look!

Below you will find a link you receive an additional15% off the already low prices on the first 25 purchases to help save on your back-to-school supplies!

If you are interested in learning more about tips and tricks with Elmer's glue, watch this wonderful video by Dinah Zike!  Tips also include how to keep the glue from clogging up.  This video will rock your world!


Kathleen said...

Brilliant! I think I'll have to order some of those adorable teeny tiny glue bottles!! Fantastic tip!

Growing Kinders

Ms.M said...

Darn I ordered from them a couple weeks ago and missed you on the coupon code. Oh well.

Ms. M

Traci said...

Who knew there was so much to know about glue!? ;)
I SERIOUSLY need a new rug, too.
❤Dragonflies in First ❤

Owl Things First said...

I ordered yesterday...Darn I missed your coupon! I nominated you for One Lovely Blog Award because I think your blog is....lovely! Stop by if you'd like to pick it up!

Owl Things First

mindy said...

Okay I have been searching for mini glue for years! Thanks a mill. is this a 10 pack or one bottle??? it doesn't say in the description.

Ashley Myers said...

I think I'm going to love MPM! The prices ROCK! Thanks for the discount code, I can't wait to use it! And I LOVE your blog!! :)

Thiruppathy Raja said...

Thank you for the info. It sounds pretty user friendly. I guess I’ll pick one up for fun. thank u.

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