Silhouette CAMEO and Discount Program!!

Are you familiar with  Silhouette CAMEO? This electronic cutting tool uses blades to cut out designs on card stock, vinyl, fabric, and more!  Teachers can create their own designs with the FREE Silhouette Studio. Do you know what this means?  No more dine and dash to the teacher room to use the dull die cut machine during my lunch break.  Now I can use all my favorite fonts from my computer and create, cut, and hang.  Classroom decorating and bulletin boards will never be the same!  

Check out all the wonderful things you can create with your own CAMEO!  Link here.

For those of you worried about the creativity needed, wait to be impressed!  Designs and shapes can be purchased from the Silhouette Online Store created by thousands of artist and starting at $.99!  What a deal!  Once designs are purchased, they are conveniently stored and easily accessible in an online library.  

I'm overjoyed to receive my Silhouette CAMEO and have news to share with you. Teachers can get the educator discount on Silhouette products.  The educator discount is a 20 percent!  This excludes digital downloads from Silhouette library of images, subscriptions, and gift cards but everything else is fair game!  Click here, select educator discount, create a free account, and apply.  Once you are approved, anytime you login you'll receive the discount.  YAY!!!


Storie said...

I don't have the Silhouette Cameo, but I do have a Cricut machine. I LOVE the different projects and lettering I can create.
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Mrs. Saoud said...

I'm excited about mine. I'm eager to create, create, create! =D

Jill said...

I have acricut how does it compare in capabilities? I would love more choices.

Thanks, Jill

Dede said...

I have been thinking of getting a cameo, I've heard such great things! Thank you SO much for sharing the discount information!

Dede @

Laura Starnes said...

I got a cricut for Christmas and had no clue I was getting it...I hate to say, I would've rather had the CAMEO! Is that sad? I am grateful for what I got and have used it, but I can't afford the cartridges that go with it, so I don't have as many choices =/

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Mrs.M said...

Cheryl, just FYI I got a spam email from you, you might want to change your password! (primarygraffiti one). Unless you are really in London and need money! :)


Elisabeth said...

Hi Cheryl!
I just received an email from you. Not sure if it is spam (I think it is) but just wanted to check to make sure you were OK and not in London needing money?


Miss Nguyen's Class said...

I can't wait to get mine. They are having a deal right now on plum district. S18 for $30 worth on silhouette downloadable.

Janaye said...

Thanks!! I just applied for my educator discount! :)

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