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Ellen said...

Hey I am looking into trying to start a looping program at my school. Could you please give me more of an insight into your looping? I have a friend and we both want to look K-1. If you have time I'd love to chat with you. You can find me at Thanks!

Bex Mawn said...

Hi Cheryl, sorry to bug you but twitter thinks you sent me a DM but you don't follow me there (I am rwredhead). I do follow you on twitter, but The link looked very weird too, so I thought I'd ask! Thanks!
Reading and Writing Redhead

Bex Mawn said...

Oops I forgot to click "email follow up comments"! Otherwise I won't know what you say!

Cathy Charrois said...

Could you contact me at

I have something to ask you. Thank you.
Cathy C.

Jessica said...

Cute and inspiring blog!!