My Yearbook

I'm a child of the 70s and 80s! I know the profound meaning of "Wax On Wax Off" and wanted desperately to be a Goonie.

The tube was a favorite spot for our kool-aid gang. All groupies knew what Willis was "talkin' 'bout". I recall visiting a place each week where "everybody knows your name".

I thought Molly Ringwald {and the rest of the Brat Pack} was REALLY cool. I'd given anything to be on Star Search.

Even in my late 30's, I still ponder why Smurfette was the ONLY female smurf?!? 

I remember "The Artist", when he was humbly called "Prince" and owned all his music on cassettes. Partying "like it's 1999" seemed sooo far away. 

I remember when ATARI was a state of the art video game. Donkey Kong, Pac Man, and Frogger among the favs! 

You weren't trendy if you didn't wear fluorescent, neon clothing. You could catch me sporting a banana clip, jelly bracelets, leg warmings, and velcro high top sneakers! 

My childhood seems so long ago. 

 I graduated high school in 1997 and college in 2001.

Home is located on an island in Florida!

In 2010, I began my Happily Ever After. 
At Last by Etta James rang throughout the island!!

Here's a link to additional post all about me!

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Kathleen said...

Cheryl, I LOVED reading this post. Our childhoods were so similar. I'm so lucky to call you my friend :)