Little Owl's Night {Book Companion and Owl Pellet Dissection}

Good Afternoon Friends!  I hope you are having a remarkable fall day!  It's the coolest temperatures we've had since March.  We are slowing getting the house together with fall themed decor which gets me very excited about the upcoming theme in class...

The past few weeks, I've worked to modify an old unit.  The file was just a simple book companion.  I updated to ensure the companion matches each of my other book units created this past year.  In addition, I added crafts and resources needed for an owl pellet dissection!  

Watch the interactive book read online!

1st set of Vocabulary is themed to Little Owl's Night.

2nd set of vocabulary is themed to nocturnal animals.

3rd set of vocabulary is owl themed vocabulary!

This past week, I ordered a set of owl pellets from I usually purchase one pellet for partners to dissect together.  The small pellets are under $2 each. I added a set of 10 probes and tweezers for $3.  With shipping, I'm under $20.

For an added themed excitement, I found disposable lab coats on Amazon.  The coats button up the front and have elastic cuffs on the sleeves.  They can easily get multiple uses and possibly used for more than one year.  BONUS!  

Update: Amazon is currently out of the lab coats but the manufacturer still has them available. Link to Markerspace Lab here.

Each year, I use part of my lead money to buy something new for the classroom.  One year I ordered clipboards, another year magnifying glasses for each child, this year I ordered adjustable science goggles.  What I love about these... they're worn like sun glasses and adjust along the ear.  I can toss in the dishwasher to clean them easily!

UPDATE 2017: I want to share some in action pictures from our investigations for the past few years.  We are still wearing the original coats purchased and featured in this blog post.


Synergy at it's finest!

If you are interested in the unit, please link through the cover image of the preview below!

Are you looking for additional companions themed for each month?  You can click the images below to link to each unit in my store!

Unsure about purchasing?  You can download the next companion for free! 

If you previously purchased the Little Owl's Night Book Companion, you can redownload for the newly revised unit for free!
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