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In 1973, Marge and Jake Michel, creators of The Mailbox Magazine, were frustrated by the lack of practical, ready to use materials for the classroom, so they began creating in their spare time.  In 1979, Marge and Jake began producing The Mailbox Magazine.   

Fast forward to the digital era where teachers search for access to materials on the world wide web.  I remember The Mailbox Magazine surfacing early on in my career but with an online marketplace like Teacher Pay Teachers, the modern day educator, like myself, had access to materials at our fingertips. No need to visit the copy machine when I can press print. The Mailbox Magazine has modernized their format and provide digital copies of their magazine and classroom activities via The Mailbox Gold.

To gain a better understanding of the Gold Experience, I watched the two minute video below.  

In my previous post, I introduced a partnership between The Mailbox and Primary Graffiti.  The Mailbox team has set up various monthly challenges using their Gold Membership

Now that The Mailbox Magazine has gone digital, I researched the resources to gain a better understanding of it's benefits.  The services provided by The Mailbox Gold make this online program a valuable tool. The following two minute video provides a glimpse into the features provided by this digital format!

Now for the challenge...  I was asked by the team to share back to school resources to build momentum going into a new school year.

I was pleased by the various materials provided.  There are so many tools to get the teacher organized for the first day of school.  I found resources for transportation, supplies, and newsletters.  Content was organized by core standards, grade levels, and theme.  Many resources were programable which provides the ability to edit prior to printing.

Each year, I keep Student Information Cards next to the phone in case of an emergency.  In years past, I sent the cards home on the first day of school for parents to fill out and return.  I usually receive most back within the first week but only after a several reminders.  With the online access, the programable cards can NOW be filled out digitally on my student desktops during meet the teacher and printed prior to the first day.

The first day seems to be filled with many emotions.  Both parents and students have mixed emotions.  I like to provide my kids with a card and a pencil, showing my excitement for having them in my classroom.  There are a variety of cards provided with the Gold Membership.  You will have access to printing both color and blacklines.  To add a little "POP", the blacklines can be printed on color paper!

The first day of school is all about getting to know each other and establishing rules through rituals and routines.  Thinking back to workshops and trainings, most begin with an ice breaker involving interactions between participants.  I found a cute activity to encourage student interactions.

My School Book is one of my favorite finds for the first day of school.  The kids will begin working on speaking and listening standards as they introduce themselves to the class.  This activity will provide a cute first day portfolio that can remain on display during the first month of school!

The Mailbox Gold membership provides activities from PreK through 6 grade.  As I searched through the resources available, I found activities similar to those featured above.  The accordion book, School is "Bear-y" Fun, could easily be used on the first day of 1st Grade!

The next activity can provide the teacher with a lot of feedback.  The emergent reader provides practice with simple sentences, capital letters, and reading comprehension while reinforcing school or classroom rules.

The digital team at The Mailbox is committed to bringing everything you love about The Mailbox to a great online experience.  Each of the digital resources above are available with The Mailbox Gold membership and provides teachers with meaningful activities perfect for the first day of school.

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