Groundhog Informational Book Companion

Learning through information makes this time of the year so special.  With Groundhog's Day only several weeks away, I started reading and  displaying books on the topic. This year I will kick off informational writing about groundhogs.  Many of my kids have love exposure to topics.  Providing background knowledge would make reading books on Groundhog's Day a little easier. 

This new packet doubles as a informational groundhog packet and a book companion.  It contains 81 pages packed full of excitement. 

What's included...

Build background knowledge on groundhogs with KWL or Can, Have, Are chart.  Keep up with facts or allow students to organize their sticky notes with the pack page.

Included is a heavy dose of vocabulary to assist language learners iwth words such as groundhog, burrow, hibernate, peek, forecast, weather, shadow, predict, kit, herbivore, rodent, marmot, handler, and diurnal.

Provided are several options for recording vocabulary words.  Option one includes a vocabulary book with clipart images.  Option two includes blank vocabulary response pages.  Option three includes interactive pages.

Read various stories throughout the week using comprehension response sheets with an animal comparison, story map, main events, and connections.

Also provided is a developing informational reader on groundhogs.  Each vocabulary word has been underlined in the text.  A color reader is provided whole group instruction.  Save ink!  You can display this file on the white board.  A blackline is included for independent student bags.

Having the blackline reader will be a great reference for student research.  Use sticky notes and the provided graphic organizer.  Once thoughts are ordered, students can use the paper at the end of the packet to create their own informational piece.  Included: an editable cover, editable heading, place for a diagram or illustration, and writing lines. 

Advance first or second grade classrooms can work to classify the animals with a visual display.

Wishing you the best!  Happy Teaching.