Carson Dellosa Design Summit

How is it possible that more than half the year has passed?!?  We officially surpassed 103 days of our 180 day calendar year and it's been a whirlwind!  Sorry it's been a minute since I've posted; however, if you follow along at Primary Graffiti Instagram or Facebook, you've seen why I've taken the month off of my blog.  

On January 3rd, I was contacted by representatives at Carson Dellosa Publishing for a unique opportunity to fly up to North Carolina for a Design Summit.

After a few shrieks, a couple of deep breaths, and a split second to explain to my hubby, I was on a conference call with representatives from Carson Dellosa.  Did I mention the bag I was holding to blow into?!?  

Within days of the conference call, we were assigned a theme from the new 2014 product line and planning commenced.  My themes were Seaside Splash and Bubbly Blues.

The following week, I spent hours shopping online, in stores, and through catalogs.  Tough job, right?  I'd have to say, if it weren't for report card week and mid year data chats, I'd been on cloud nine.  The hours were long, the nights were short.

Inspiration Sprung thanks to Target, Hobby Lobby, IKEA, and Kohls!


Thursday the 30th arrived.  Flying up to North Carolina was a challenge.  If you haven't already heard, we folks in the south have no idea what to do when it snows.  Needless to say, Atlanta came to a screeching halt and flights were easy come, easy go.  With one of blog besties, Anna from Crazy in First Grade, by my side, we spent the next 8 hours flying to what we later learned was only about 1.5 hours away from our current location.  Did I mention that I have no idea how to drive in snow?  I decided to take my chances with the airlines instead.

Friday morning I woke with my stomach in knots.  This was the day that we were to meet the team from Carson Dellosa and begin our adventures!  Thankfully, I had additional blog besties, Erica from Erica's Ed-Ventures and Denise Boehm from Sunny Days in Second Grade by my side.  Power in numbers!  Before heading out, I had to put first things first!  SNOW!!!!!

 This flip flop loving, tank top wearing, Florida gal doesn't come across this very often!

My nerves washed away as we were welcomed with opened arms.  What a delightful team of individuals at Carson Dellosa.  For real!!!!  This company is such a hipster, fun, energetic company to work for! You could really see the bond and trust their team had established. 

Within a blink, we were working on our designs...

I have to admit, I was eager for the night to come to an end.  That evening we were to scoop up another member of our team Erin from Kleinspiration.  

Day two began with a massive shopping spree at Hobby Lobby.  It was seriously a hoot!  Well, maybe for everyone except the gals that checked us out.  Their mouth hit the floor when they saw 6 overflowing carts full of goodies!  At the conclusion of day two, I could really see the design taking shape...

I'm over-the-moon about the experience and couldn't be more excited to see the published photos!  The above pictures were shots in-progress from my camera phone, so the final images with a polished design should be over-the-top AMAZING!

This was seriously a remarkable experience in which I was honored to be selected to take part in! 

If you are interested in the designs featured in the Creative Partner Blogger Summit with Carson Dellosa, please click the images below to link to the product lines!
Seaside Splash

Bubbly Blues


Miss T said...

You're so cute! Looks like a fabulous time and I love what you put together!

Journey of a Substitute Teacher

Elizabeth Rossmiller said...

What a wonderful experience! You look like you had so much fun :)

Seconds at the Beach

Cecilia said...

Glad you had so much fun. What great things you all put together and glad you enjoyed the snow.

Mrs. McHaffie said...

I would have done the same thing (snow first)! :)
Love the look you put together. Very appropriate for a FL girl!

Linda said...

What a fantastic experience! I love what you put together and the colors you used!

KeepCalmAnd LoveFirstGrade said...

What an amazing experience... You did an outstanding job!! It looks wonderful. So colorful, bright and inviting. Congrats to you..
Keep Calm and Love First Grade

angie said...

I love the all of the items. So colorful and cute! Where did you find the green frame- chalkboard?

Mrs. Saoud said...

Thank you Ladies! Angie, the chalkboard frame is from Hobby Lobby. They have green, red, yellow, orange, blue, and pink. All the colors are bright, similar to the colors in my design.

Gladys said...

Love. It. All! :)

Katie Knight said...

Wow! That is so exciting!
Teacher to the Core

Katie Knight said...

Oh I love it! That looks very exciting. Your are just adorable!
Teacher to the Core

Katie Knight said...

Oh my goodness I liked your post so much I commented TWICE! Sorry love.

Mrs. Saoud said...

I love that you commented twice! Love you, Katie! =)

Erica Bohrer said...

Great post Cheryl! So glad you got to enjoy some "snow." Loved getting to see you again.

Tiffani Mugurussa said...

What a fun experience. I love how colorful and fun your design is.

Anna DiGilio said...

What a hoot! You guys looked like you had soooo much fun!!! What an adventure :) They definitely picked a seriously GREAT CREATIVE team...That's for sure :) Thanks for sharing the fun :)