Sunday, January 19, 2014

Year-Round Kindergarten Homework

I sure hope the delay in this product hasn't inconvenienced too many!  Between working full time, end of the nine week grades, mid year data meetings, and parent conferences, I've been swamped. You can relate, right? I couldn't be more excited about the final product fully linked to common core standard!!!  If you missed why this packet was remade, read here.

If you previously purchased my November/December Kindergarten packet, you can redownload for free here.

Here is what is included...

I do have plans to create a 2nd grade Year-Round Homework Pack but I will not begin until I complete a few more sub tubs to add to my sub tub bundle first.

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Kim and Megan said...

I absolutely love this! Cheryl you are a genius! Thanks!

layciegrace said...

The visuals are appealing and will not take three hours to accomplish as a homework. This is what kids need to learn to love and embrace and work harder at math. - Layce of

Carmen said...

Do you have a sample month that I could see for Kindergarten? It looks great!

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