Applelicious: Getting to the Core

I wanted to drop in and share a Kindergarten Core Center I prepared perfect for fall.  With a diverse group of students, I decided to prep the Kinder Core Center to ensure my lower quartile has appropriate activities or review items to start back the school year.  As soon as I'm finished with my 1st Grade Core Stations, I will stop back by and share images and links.

Included in this set entitled, Applelicious: Getting to the Core...

I have many more kindergarten core stations loaded this past school year.  Search the word core in my store to access all stations available. 

Happy Labor Day to All!


Julie Stowe said...

Thanks for heading me in the right direction. New to centres I am thrilled to follow advice from an expert.
With thanks
Mrs Stowe's Kinder Cottage

Susanna Westby said...

These are fantastic! I teach in multi-age classroom and need everything from K level to 3rd, so this would be a perfect center for the little ones.
: )
Whimsy Workshop Teaching

Rachelle said...

You are amazing!!!!!!! I can't wait for fall and to use your apple themed games!!!