Twelve Days of Christmas in July Sale: Day 9

Day Nine is all about PreK through 1st.  Sorry older peeps!  Today I'm featuring my Beginning Sound Units.  

The Beginning Sound Mega Pack was created for my struggling kinders.  This labor of love came at a time last year when we were beginning to make CVC words.  The file was primarily used during RtI work stations.  After a few short weeks, I determined which games the kids favored and separated the files for smaller purchases.  The image below shows the mega pack with all it provides.  This files is 257 pages.  It will involve prep for some of the games.

The first file is Beginning Sound Clothespin Match.  This activity is self correcting which was a HUGE bonus.  I found it enjoyable to watch the kids work through the activity and become giddy checking their answers.

The second game separated is Beginning Sound Bingo.  Who doesn't love Bingo?!?  I created the boards  with only several sounds on each.  You'll receive four boards with each game.  This allowed for five different beginning sound bingo games to be played at once or over time.  I placed one at a center each week which allowed for the kids to play for a month.  Once I put expectations in place, it was nice not to have to go over the rules each week.

In the preview download of the Mega Pack, you will find a free set of Beginning Sound Bingo Posters.  I provided the set free so kids playing the games that were separated from the bundle have the support of the letter posters with the associated sounds.  

My freebie feature doesn't stop with the one listed above!  Last year I also created Number Formation Practice Pages to assist with struggling students.  I broke this file into two freebies.  Numbers 1-10 and Numbers 11-20.  The files are aligned with common core.  The number formation sheet for 1-10 has kids working with making numbers, associating them to flat shapes, and practicing the written formation! 

Numbers 11-20 is ramped up a bit.  I used this file a little later on in the school year.  I did keep some of the work similar to the 1st packet but also provided work with coins.  Eek!  The kids were so proud of their ability to count coins.  We don't allow enough practice of this skill in "real life".  My favorite piece is the association to solid shapes and their faces.  What a challenge!

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