Throwback Thursday: Through a Students' Eyes!

Happy Thursday! I'm joining Cara at The First Grade Parade for Throwback Thursday. This summer we will be linking up old post in which may be inspiring new ideas for you!  After reading my post (and watching the video), link to Cara's post through the graphic below!

This post is from February of 2011

Have you ever given a video camera to your students and allowed the kids to share events happening in the classroom?  I'm going to share a few various post this year entitled, Through a Students' Eyes.

I love the imagination in my class as they develop their descriptive stories.  You are going to hear my second graders read their paper with the flip camera. AMAZING!! Stay tuned for one of my kiddos at the end of the video, her unique story develops through a dream.  It's stunning to see all the skills picked up during our genre study.  She's incorporated time cue words, onomatopoeia, dialogue, and inner thoughts. Seriously, you will fall in love!!!! I got a kick out of her last line where she reads dot. dot. dot (ellipsis).

Did you notice that her story ends when her dream ends? Remarkable small moment!


Cara Carroll said...

I LOVE IT, Cheryl!!! That's seriously such a fun idea!!! I need to try that this year with my Kbabies!!! Love you, sweet friend! XOXO

Tanya Dwyer said...

WOW!!! I'm sure your kiddos enjoyed that! I'll have to remember this idea for the upcoming year! Thanks for sharing! =)

A+ Firsties

Jessica Berggren said...

very cool! My children are always stealing my phone to make videos-I never thought to try it out in my classroom. Thanks,