Funky Sock Monkeys Decor

I have one last decor request that I fulfilled this summer.  It's my goal to update my Data Notebook, Resource Binder, complete the last few Old Lady That Swallowed Sub Tubs, and add a few fun ideas brewing in my brain for the upcoming year so I'm putting decor packs on the back burner for now.  This final request was from a sweet follower who loved the colors and design of the previous packs but wanted sock monkeys instead. Within 24 hours, the artist had my special clipart request created!

So without further ado...

Click first image to link!


For a short time, I'm offering my file at a discount.

You will find
Cover Page Pg. 1
Alphabet Posters (Full Page) Pg. 2-28
Alphabet Posters (Half Page) Pg. 29-41
Word Wall Circle Headers or Book Bin Labels Pg. 42-57
Word Wall Cards (Pre-primer) Pg. 58-63
Word Wall Cards (Primer) Pg. 64-70
Word Wall Cards (1st Grade) Pg. 71-75
Word Wall Cards (2nd Grade) Pg. 76-81
Word Wall Cards (3rd Grade) Pg. 82-87
1-20 Number Posters with Tens Frame (Full Page) Pg. 88-108
1-20 Number Posters with Tens Frame (Half Page) Pg. 109-118
1-120 Number Wall Circle Headers Pg.119-191
Behavior Clip Chart (Full Page) Pg. 192-199
Behavior Clip Chart (Half Page) Pg. 200-203
Days of the Week Headers Pg. 204-208
Months of the Year Headers Pg 209-216
Calendar Cards (5 Colors/Designs) Pg. 217-247
Pocket Chart Jobs Pg. 248-252
Daily Schedule Cards with Analog Clock Pg. 253-264
Table Numbers (Full Page) Pg. 265-270
Table Numbers (Half Page) Pg. 27`-273
Team Numbers (Full Page) Pg. 274-279
Team Numbers (Half Page) Pg. 280-282
Desk Nameplates with Alpha, Numbers, Shapes Pg. 283-285
Credits and Thank You Pg. 286-287


Unknown said...

Wow! This is fantastic! I love these adorable sock monkeys :) I saw this on Instagram this morning...I was thinking of a zebra/rock and roll theme for next year, but now I may need to change! aaaahhhhh!
The Teacher’s Chair

Growing Firsties said...

Oh geez...these are AMAZING, Cheryl!!!
Growing Firsties

Kelly said...

you must have read my mind, I jus pinned sock monkey border for my classroom. I LOVE it all!!! I'm also your newest follower. :0


I'm Not Your Grandpa, I'm Your Teacher

Miss Cosby said...

These are adorable


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