Throwback Thursday: Interview Project

It's Throwback Thursday!  Each week, I'm joining Cara's linky sharing an old post from my blog!  Click the image below to join in on all the fun at The First Grade Parade!

The post below is from March of 2011 and one of my favorite class activities!  I hope you enjoy!

Really Good Stuff
Diving into content standards, I recently offered kids in my second grade class an opportunity to conduct an interview of an inspirational individual from our community. Students were given a rubric for presentation and shared their projects with the class. I received permission from this darling's mom to post her interview. It is adorable!

 Little Background
The date of the interview was March 13, 2011.  Kalise interviewed Mrs. Maude of Mrs. Maude's School House Museum.  She was born on February 27, 1942.  This retired teacher and civil rights worker has touched the lives of many children.  Truly an inspirational educator!

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