Eco This: Carbon Core Centers

Happy Almost Friday!  This week has been filled full of Eco Friendly Learning!  I'll be back with pictures tomorrow night in my Five for Friday Post!  

I just wanted to quickly share an additional set of centers themed for Earth Day Learning!  I hope you love this set as much as my kiddos did!!!  The link is available in the first graphic!


Kathleen Schill said...

I can't wait to go snag these up! You are so talented!! I was wondering if you would be interested in trying out my new unit for free?! I want to know what people think, especially experienced sellers like you!! Just let me know; it is all about digraphs sh,ch, and th!

Kathleen :)

Mrs. Saoud said...

Thank you Kathleen! Why don't we trade!?! I will email you now! =)

Jennifer White said...

This looks awesome, Cheryl!
First Grade Blue SKies

Kathleen Schill said...

I am on break at school and realized I don't have your email to send you my unit!!!

Thanks - Kathleen Schill