April Showers: Cloudy Core Conditions

I promised this center last Friday just a few short hours before my computer crashed!  YIKES!!!  I managed to save my files to an external hard drive but forgot to save a few important fonts!  Double YIKES!!! After a few hard days of preparing for a crazy week, I'm up and going again!

We finished this round of centers last week!  I will be back VERY soon with a second set of centers entitled ECO-This! If you are interested, the link is embedded into the first graphic!


Alisha P said...

Adorable! Love it! And you, even if you love the Hangover:)

Mrs. Saoud said...

LOL! Family has to stick together. Even if you have trouble finding humor in mindless movies!!!

Gladys said...

Love the centers...too cute! I'm obsessed with your pics on Instagram and FB...they're the best! <3