Welcome Back to MTSS Monday!  Today I'd like to share ways in which I keep up with daily accountability and data.

To ensure parents are on track with Kindergarten expectations, a checklist of objectives are given for each subject.  My team and I meet with parents each nine weeks to discuss expectations and progression.  It's my goal to have parents sign each nine weeks, stating they were informed and understand the expectations.  As the year progresses, face-to-face meetings begin to fizzle which leads to stuffing the checklist with the report cards. I find this provides the documentation needed to show a bridge between home and school.  You are welcome to take a peek at our expectations here.

For student accountability, I have the kids record their MTSS task daily.  Using a spiral notebook in which I scooped up for five cent at the back to school sale, I have my darlings glue in their weekly recording sheets into their notebooks on Mondays.  This notebook will come to our small group when meeting with kids on specific skills.  By having the kids document daily tasks, I've eliminated my need to record for 20 students and ensure that the kids understand their focus and activity. Be patient and find what works best for you.  My class took a couple of weeks of solid practice before everyone was independent at recording.  It was ABSOLUTELY worth it!!!

If you are interested, you can grab a copy by clicking the image above!

My primary focus for assessments in tier one and two this year in Kindergarten has been Alphabet and Sight Words.  I create flashcard rings to assist in daily practice.  I gave each child a set of cards.  When a letter or sight word was mastered, the card would be removed from their ring. 

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Have you heard of Michael Heggerty?  His lessons on Phonemic Awareness are short, repetitive, and scaffolded.  A bit behind the man: Michael Heggerty was an educator for 30+ years.  28 of those years happen to be in a classroom with 24 years teaching first.  He began a research action project on the importance of Phonemic Awareness instruction and as a result, he has published a remarkable curriculum.  AND Florida teachers... It aligns with expectations for FAIR (Florida Assessment in Reading).  

Heggerty explains on his website how Phonemic Awareness is an auditory training process and does not involve print; thereby, highlighting Phonemic Awareness is not Phonics!  He later goes on to dichotomize the differences.  

The kindergarten version of these lessons (blue book) spends more time on each skill. The kindergarten curriculum covers all consonants, short vowels, digraphs, blends, and rime patterns. By comparison, the yellow book also goes into long vowels, R-controlled, special vowel sounds, and multisyllabic words.

Each curriculum is intended to be completed with a whole class group. These lessons should only take between 12 and 15 minutes a day. Pacing is very important. It should be quickly paced and free of interruptions. Link here to access the 38 week scope and sequence.  To see a sample of his Kindergarten lessons, link here.  If you are interested, he has a purple book for Pre-Kinders, a blue book for Kindergarten, and a yellow book for 1st and 2nd grade. (Sample lessons available for each book on his site!)

Okay friends, I will be back in two weeks for MTSS Monday.  I'm plan to fully enjoy every minute of my Spring Break! Happy Teachings!!!


Vera said...

This is extremely helpful! I love Michael Heggerty's site. I had never heard of it before and found it extremely helpful.

A BLT adventure

Mrs. Parker said...

Great post. I can't wait to go back and look over your expectations for each quarter. Right now, our RTI is teacher created. Do you think Heggerty's book could be used for RTI?

Barbara Gruener said...

Happy spring break to YOU! We're just now back and I, like you, enJOYed every minute of it!

Thanks for the freebies; you create the coolest documents.


Barbara said...

Bluebook is by far the best program that I have used with my kindergarten students for the past four years and I wouldn't be without it I think they move forward so quickly and fast...even my slower ones can be successful I love Haggarty's bluebook you got to get it... Best part is the children love it too:).

Kathy said...

I actually got to see Michael Heggarty. He is AMAZING to listen to. It was a two day workshop, first day was phonemic awareness, second day was writing. Oodles of great, teacher-friendly ideas. Also, THANK YOU for the freebies; even as a first grade teacher, I have some kiddoes that will need the alphabet ring at the beginning of the school year. :)

~DeAnne~ said...

Loved reading how you're collecting your data and the expectations. I love seeing and reading about what others are doing for RTI. Thanks for sharing your information and the freebie! :)

First Grade and Fabulous

Sara said...

I Just started word rings this year (first year in first grade) and the toughest thing this year is for me to remember to check in and remove words as they're learned. Hope I get better at this in years to come!! Great post :)

Mrs. Saoud said...

Primary Buzz: I have the kids come to guided reading with the cards. I'm so often trying to assist someone around the room.. helping to build independence at centers, that I ask the kids to practice their words until I arrive. The first thing I do is have each child read through their list quickly. If any words need sounding out, they stay. If students read the cards fluently, I assist removing them immediately. It's the only way for me to get this complete.

Barbara: The kids LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Michael Heggerty's book. I can only image what it'll be like as we travel to first together next year. I shared with my principal your reflections on the book and how you've used this program for 4 years. WOW!

Kathy: I've heard he puts on a great workshop. I'd love to see his writing presentation.

Mrs. Saoud said...

Mrs. Parker: The book is designed with a set of skills that are quick and interactive. To ensure all learners are interacting, I add body movements. Mostly hand positions. The lessons are teacher guided. The skills will be repeated with new words throughout the week. A different skill is present the following week. I'm using this program as a transition from Morning Announcements to MTSS (RtI). All students. I don't see why it wouldn't be amazing for RtI, but I can only see this working in combination with other activities.

Gladys said...

I have to get my hands on these books..I have a couple of firsties that are still struggling with
phonemic awareness!

p.s. Thank you for the freebies!

p.s.s. Happy Spring Break! :)

Suzanne Schiess said...

Thank you for sharing! I'm going to start using the rings with my strugglers tomorrow. Is there any way to you can make the check-off sheet editable as well?

Deedee Wills said...

We love our word rings!!!